Dave, can you predict when the DVDs will be available for upgrade?


Dave, any updates on this?


It was on my todo list this weekend to start sorting through all the scans and see how what I have compares to what has been promised and how big it all is. Unfortunately, this weekend I got kind of side-tracked. I think we're getting very close to a DVD capacity so it may be soon.


How about posting a list of material promised but not delivered. This will act as a reminder to people who have pledged material but haven't delivered yet.

Also there may be people out there who are willing to scan manuals but have not done so because others have promised to do so before them. If these manuals show up on the missing list, they will be able to offer to replace the original volunteer.



I'm making the first pass at reminding people via email now after my first pass at organizing what I have. A few people have already replied that they have more scans ready or will soon. Once those come in, I'll see where we are in terms of media (CD/DVD) boundaries. We're getting awfully close to 7 full CDs / 1 DVD, and I'm not sure I want to encourage any more scanning beyond that - at least for this release. :-)


And that may suit us nicely for an interim as the much higher capacity DVD replacement technology is developed and ready for mass market prices soon.

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