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I'd like you to post photos or links to videos with wp34s in action here. I expect a lot of fun from this thread.

Let's start early! My first attempts at implementing the emulator weren't really working well:

Here is the very first photo I took of my 20b in action. It was the initial boot of the very first flash image downloaded to my development 20b:

The keyboard was still unresponsive and as you can see, there was a problem with the proper display of zero. ;)

Compare this to my second picture:

What a difference!

I have made some pictures from my opened 20b when I added the JTAG connector and the power cord. I'll post them later.

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Here are Gene's pictures rotated and scaled down:


Here's my unit with the overlay. An admittedly rather poor job of using the Xacto knife, but it works!


Gene, now we know why it's called Xacto ;-)

BTW, did you receive my mail?


Yes, and responded!


Nothing found here, please try again.


How did the ROM get loaded into the calculator? Am I correct to assume that the calculator had to be taken apart for the ROM to be downloaded.


Flashing the 20b is perfectly described in Tim's document here. No taking apart necessary. :) In fact that wouldn't even help because the flash ROM is inside the main chip and is only accessible through either special hardware or, even easier, through the built in SAM-BA boot loader software.

I'd like to see more pictures and less discussion in this thread, agreed?


Without knowing what others were doing for overlays, I constructed mine by printing the emulator skin to size, and taping it to my 30B:

I also posted a video (amateur quality) of the WP34S/30B a few days ago:

Video of WP34S running on HP30B

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Without knowing what others were doing for overlays, I constructed mine by printing the emulator skin to size, and taping it to my 30B:

Be assured you where first. :)

Can you convert the link to something clickable by surrounding it with [url: your link ] (without the spaces)?


Thanks, and Done!


I just flashed the 20b this evening. The overlay was done this morning. During the cutting of the key holes with Exacto knife and ruler, I realized that "the index finger never forgets" (See PPC Journal Volume 7 Number 4 Page 4 [May, 1980] under the "Club Projects" column).



Here is Pauli's first attempt at flashing his calculator:


Here it is:


Guess who is pictured here:

And who is this Guy?

Here is what we have done:

After work party:

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Thanks to you, Marcus, for your hospitality d:-)


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