Link to 34s overlay...


Taking the time to print this out and put it on a 20b or 30b is well worth it. MUCH easier to use this way. Thanks to Marcus for putting this together.

My edited Overlay:

Marcus' original Overlay:

34s overlay

Edited: 12 Apr 2011, 4:18 p.m.


Putting at least one dimension on it may be beneficial ...


The PNG file has the resolution embedded. With proper software, it is printed at the correct dimensions.

The resolution is 141 dpi, the printed size is 6.4 x 9.9 cm or 2.5 x 3.9 inches.

For all the designers among us who want to improve on the skins or the overlay: Go to the repository at and get the XCF files! I've done all my work with The Gimp. The files contain multiple layers and the bitmap files are simply exports with different layers made visible or hidden. The effect that Gene was aiming at with his version can be easily reproduced with the file wp34s_medium.xcf:

1. Make visible the two layers named Overlay and Overlay-Background.

2. Hide all other layers.

3. Adjust the opacity of the background to your liking.

4. Print or export the result.

The exported file has the dimensions of the medium skin file. You can easily crop it by reloading the result into Gimp and doing it there. The reason why I've put the overlay in the same file as the medium skin is easy to follow: Just turn on the visibility of the original bitmap background image and you see the keys shine through. This made it possible for me to get the dimensions right.

Edited: 13 Apr 2011, 3:43 a.m.


If you want to get a less cluttered keyboard for 25% less (!) work,
then take overlay_1 in said directory and cut the white lines only 8-)



P.S.: I did it the easy way (KISS). For the right size, the width shall be 71mm.

P.P.S.: That printed on an adhesive and we are set IMHO (well, still some deblurring shall be done, but that's easy, only tedious if you want real good results). I tried and even some strips of good ol' double-sided Tesa do it d:-) Anyone knowing a print shop doing this in quantities of - let's say - some 100?

Hey, I never fealt so close to a serious scientific instrument - I'm getting really excited by the prospect 8-))

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Here is Walter's work:

This is much closer to the original layout but I fear it wears out early, except if professionally produced. Any takers?


The newest advertising spam is attaching ads to the ground in e.g. train stations. These foils or films really last though many people walk over them everyday. Maybe we can employ this "technology" for something beneficial. It doesn't even have to stick so hard :-) Anyone having more insight?

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Another possibility. Print the overlay and laminate it with a sheet of paper behind (so the laminate only sticks to the printed side). Cut carefully and use spray adhesive to glue onto the calculator.

Another possibility is it use a Xyron machine with a combined adhesive/laminate roll. Not as nice a finish as the above but quicker and less messy.

- Pauli


Great work done! Thank you all.

Just one thought:

The green on the overlay somehow sticks out like a sore thumb and makes the classic yellow and blue somehow disapear.

It doesn't look like a HP (sorry to be that picky...)

would it be possible to use a HP-like color, say the orange that's used on the 42s?

(I just don't know if the yellow and the orange would be distinguishable?!)


The basic challenge is finding 5 colors being sufficiently differentiable on a grey to black background. Some years ago we had a wider discussion here about this topic. I'm pretty sure I chose "my" colors based on that. We even had at least one "visually challenged" (Hi USA! For the others: "rot-grün blind" IIRC) person participating in said discussion - and he was also happy with that choice.

So, you cannot argue about white ;-) Gold and blue are next to the colors HP chose for good reasons before they went off the track :-) Dark red is a decent color for less important labels (after all, we still have a calculator here, not a text processor). You're right, the green is a bit sore (we call such a color "toxic" here), but it differentiates very well from the others IMHO. I won't use orange - too close to gold. Feel free to return with a better offer :-)



Yes, the file prints fine in photoshop since it recognizes the inherent dimensions.


I've done my overlay. Photo coming later.

I printed out Walter's overlay graphic twice.

I ran both of these through a Xyron laminating machine using a laminate/permanent adhesive roll.

With a razor knife and a steel ruler I carefully cut just outside the white lines for the keys. Peel the backing off and stick to the calculator.

Then cut the keys out of the second overlay just inside the white lines. Keep the face and top of the key decal together. I cut entire rows out and then cut the keys out one at a time after I'd peeled off the backing. Carefully, stick each decal onto the key and down the front.

It is probably possible to do this with a single printout of the overlay but much harder.

- Pauli


I'll put up the photo in the gallery.

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