HP41CX power consumption


Can someone please tell me power consumption of a 41CX in use (flying goose)? Thanks.


I've measured a fullnut at about 72 mW (12 mA at 6V). There's probably a moderate amount of variation between units.

I'd expect a halfnut to draw less.


Is the goose flying forwards or backwards? Sorry, couldn't resist ;-)


I've modified mine to have a flying grouse.


It is POSSIBLE with some synthetic programming :)


From what I could find out there for the flying bird:

From service manual, finseth.com and from 41CL (aka systemyde.com/hp41)

50mA 12.5mA 7.9mA

For IDLE and for OFF:

1mA 1mA 4.2mA

0.05mA 0.02mA 0.11mA

I made once some investigations, I can't remember the details, but the current consumption was in the order of the numbers from service manual (slightly below).
But as already mentioned: your mileage might vary


My owner's manual, P.381-382, says for program running it's 5-20mA; for ON but idle it's .5 to 2.0mA, and for OFF it's .01 to .05mA. This is a 41cx Halfnut. I used to go a couple of years on a set of batteries, then got a double extended memory module and that took the battery life down to about six months.

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