OT: What is so special with the Casio fx-602P


Hi There,

I tried multiple times on e**y to obtain a Casio fx-602P for the Datamath Calculator Museum as a reference for LCD calculators with dotmatrix displays.

Well, they usually sell above $100 - any idea what makes them "so" collectible?

The one I watch now (Casio fx-602P) is already at EUR 45,50 (about USD 65.00) and still one day left.

Any hints welcome.

Thanks and Regards,


Well, it simply is a great calculator. Back at the time, the FX-602P competed with the HP-41C and a TI machine, and I couldn't help but consider the FX 602 the superior machine: It features a real dot-matrix display, has a bounce-free keyboard, a decent programming model, and an extension slot which allows to save programs on tape recorders. It lacks the 41C system approach and some of the more advanced higher math functions, but overall is a very capable (and cute - with its slim metal case) machine. I replaced mine eventually with a 28S, when complex math became a necessity and my complex arithmetic programs written for the 602P no longer did the job.
Casio later issued a successor, the FX-603P, which is even more difficult to find.



The 602p was simply a great calculator.

Lots of program memory (511 steps I think) & registers (22), alpha messages and prompts, a good selection of functions on the keyboard, IO via cassette tape and a printer and it is fast. It could play music via the cassette interface. Oh, and best of all it was cheap.

This one drew me away from HP for quite a few years. I wish mine hadn't died.

I've lots of fond memories here. I spent more than a bit of time programming a minimax search so it could play tic-tac-toe :-)

- Pauli


The machine looks very slick.


WOW - Thanks for your answers!



The Casio is one of those calculators I regret giving out on a loan ... never to see it again.

It was blindingly fast compared to the HP41CX I upgraded to.

The Casio had a cassette interface - which could be use for output tones : the same as Kraftwerk did with the predecessor Casio fx-501.

It was also possible to save programs and interestingly if the read back was interrupted mid text, the corrupted string could be manipulated to access extra non keyboard characters.

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The processor clock rate could also be increased, and memory extensions were possible. I still got my 602P, complete with interface and a printer, all of which still work. Should publish a photo on my web site.



I thought I would add this to the discussion. It probably won't make it into your museum, but it might help anyone curious..

Casio FX-602P simulator for Android


Is there documentation for the audio codes that are emitted from this calculator? As you know, this machine put out the program (and data) as audio codes that were then recorded on an audio recorder to be read in at a later time. It might be interesting to design a modern day decoder/encoder.





I'm pretty sure the programs were stored using the Kansas City standard at 300 baud. The music on the other hand, wasn't -- it was tones at the correct frequency. I've no idea what form they took (square, sine, triangle, whatever wave).

- Pauli


I seem to remember that parts of this were recorded from a fx-501

Kraftwerk : Pocket Calculator

see also 1:13 into this Casio FX on stage ?

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I've created a software package for dealing with Casio (and others) cassette recordings. The software does not deal with the fx-602, only its BASIC siblings and the fx-8000G graphic calculator. It may serve as a head start as all the low level stuff of reading and creating the correct wave patterns is already there.

IIRC, there exists some software specifically written for the fx-602. It's some time ago that I stumbled across it. I don't have the name or the author at hand right now.

My work is here: http://www.mvcsys.de/doc/casioutil.html


Thanks for the info.

I realize the coding was Kansas City Standard, but I am curious to know if anyone has documented the actual hex data representing the keycodes in the 502/602 series.



Piotr Piatek has info on this: http://pisi.com.pl/piotr433/fx602foe.htm



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