82240B / HP48 Interaction poorly documented


While working with an HP48 and a HP82240B printer, I noticed that the printer seems to be stuck in ECMA font mode.

This violated what the HP82240B technical interface guide indicates - that is - that the font settings are 'sticky' and will remain in the font setting until changed with the other font escape code.

Well, printing from the HP48 after having set the printer to ROMAN8 font, the printout was still in ECMA font.

I then tried the same code from an HP28. This seemed to work fine. Very strange.

I then discovered that the HP48 pre-appends all strings sent out of the IR with the ECMA font setting string (27 249). I found this documented (in the very last paragraph)here:


I then verified this using INPRT on another HP48 to capture the IR output of the sending HP48.

[I am surprised that this is not documented elsewhere; I checked the AUR, Wickes and Donnelly!]


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