HP-71B slower with HP-IL


I've found that my HP-71b is much slower with hp-il 82401 plugged in (with no cables attached).
It take more than 4 seconds to compute a square root !
When HP-IL is unplugged, the speed is back to normal.
Is it the normal behavior ?


Yes. The HP-71B is trying to communicate on the HP-IL loop, and failing due to the lack of a loop. If you're not using any HP-IL devices, either connect a cable directly between the two ports, or give an "OFF IO" command.

If you use "OFF IO", to reenable I/O you use the "RESTORE IO" command. It always seemed to me that it should be "ON IO", but that doesn't work.


Thank you for your quick answer. This machine is rather new for me but i find the community very pleasant.
As i have no cable (yet), i'll be using OFF IO/RESTORE IO commands.


Isn't the long time just to turn on, and it's fast after that? Mine always takes a couple of seconds upon turn-on to check out the loop before the time-out makes it conclude that the loop is broken since otherwise everything would have resonded by then, but after that everything has always been fast, even with no cable. I never use OFF IO but just leave I/O on all the time.

Edited: 7 Apr 2011, 2:44 p.m.


Garth, there might be a "DISPLAY IS" command still active. "OFF IO" should take care of this.



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