17bII+ available for $72.99


In case there is any interest, my daily e-mail from Buy.com had the 17bII+ for $72.99 with free shipping. Not sure how long it will be available. I have no connection to the seller, just passing along information.



Though you take your chances making a purchase from many of those unknown dealers you could always place an order on Walmart's site and get it for $80.56 plus $3.97 shipping. Just a thought and have no affiliation with the retail mega-giant.


buy.com has been around for 5+ years and has good ratings at resellerratings.com

No association with them myself either and I have no plans to buy the 17b2+ from them, but buy.com is a fairly well known e-tailer.


buy.com may be well know of recent years and I've heard of them before but they funnel sales, it appears, to other e-retailers who make the sale. Are return policies and the quality of merchandise guarenteed by buy.com or the e-retailer you're purchasing from?


The 17bii+ is going for a whole lot less than $70 or $80 on EBay; typical recent auctions were in the $30-$50 range, some in the $20's.



Are those prices for new units?

I posted the link mostly because I was surprised to see it pop up in the buy.com ad and it seemed to be a good price. I checked the HP.com price which was was higher, but did not think to look at Walmart or eBay.


Jeff, those price are for used units, the owners of which are selling them on EBay. I've bought a lot of calculators on EBay over the years and have never been disappointed. I'd much rather pay $30 for a slightly used unit than $80 for a new unit.

But regarding the 17bii+, I'd much rather have a 17b or 17bii to play around with solver programming, because the solver on the + disappoints.

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