New update for Clonix, NoV's and configuration utility.


Hi all,

I've built a new configuration utility interface.

It is intended to make users life easier, by handling many of the different options that required a spacific file to be loaded.

Main points are:

- Advantage module is now available for every module that can load it into its ROM.

- Also Forth-41 (for CV and CX) is available.

- The "fast" 6P version for Clonix-41, including its 512 RAM words is available too.

- Latest SW for NoV-64, including Crash Recovery function and RAM shadowing is included. Updated NoV-64 manual is also included.

- New dedicated application: emulation of HEPAX 2 MEM module is available for NoVRAM, NoV-32 and NoV-64.

This is how it looks:

Please visit clonix41 to download; and (if you're so kind...) read the manual... ;-))

Enjoy your 41's!

Best from the Canary Islands.


Edited: 2 Apr 2011, 7:39 p.m.


This is freakin' Awesome!

Kudos to The Diego :)

You are doing a splendid job of breathing life into the Best Calculator. I will try to help a bit; I am working on the user manual for the NOV CHAP module to make the software side of the NoV family complete. It's been a cool endeavor working with Angel Martin. Team IceAngel is soon ready to release :)


Hi Geir,

Thanks for your comments; and thanks again for the efforts you and Ángel are doing to build a friendly tool so non M-coders can take full advantage of the many posibilities inside these modules.

Look forward to digging into this manual... ;-)

Best whishes from the southernmost part os Spain.



Sorry for my curiosity: What is the Clonix-D project?


Hi Matthias,

Your curiosity is welcome :-)

Clonix-D ("D" stands for Double) is a superset of the original Clonix-41 module.

It has two ROM blocks of 6 pages each, hence the "double"; and user can select which block is active by choosing the port where the module is plugged: Odd ports select block 0 while even ports select block 1.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes.



Saludos Diego

Looks like "a good thing just got better" - or more aptly, an excellent thing just got even more so!

Definitely good news. So glad you're rounding off the "Clonix GUI" and providing more flexibility to the configurations even for "non-expert" users :-)



Hi Ángel,

And thanks again.

Seems you and Geir are also easing things a lot for the NoV's, HEPAX, XM and IL users with the new NOVCHAP. (this will probably fulfill the whole HP-41 users range... :-))

Best from the Canaries.


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