OT but neverthess interesting: A 12 year old takles Einstein's theories


Here is the article on times.com: http://newsfeed.time.com/2011/03/26/12-year-old-genius-expands-einsteins-theory-of-relativity/


Fun to see a young boy enjoying his calculus - and being good at it. The video has on the Time site has of course nothing to do with Einstein's theories. He just explains partial integration - something that any student of calculus would do very early on in their course!

The little snippet where he talks about his take on relativity is too vague and doesn't sound particularly profound or interesting.

Ah well, it makes for a good story to fill some pages.


a pathetic attempt to copy justin bieber's story in a wrong field though.
is the mother involved?


I sort of agree - more because the write up implies that the point of the kid going through this was to prove to explain all of this to his math illiterate mother, who happened to tape it. It comes across as a slick and rehearsed presentation for YouTube. Clearly he knows what he is doing/talking about though. I haven't finished watching it and haven't gotten to relativity...


Well, impressive :)

Even more impressive is the fact that IQ 170 is the upper bound for children, so when reaching the adult rating age, some more points are possible.

What impresses me the most are the facts that he a) seems to be a rather normal kid, b) he is helpful and not arrogant and c) is able to do free speech in front of an audience.

Let's hope he doesn't burn out soon, if he keeps his current (and past) pace, Einstein might soon look like a n00b :)

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