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I am looking for recommendation(s) for any/all 'Calculator Museum' type websites that these recently 'unearthed' documents should be sent. Many may not be of interest in the Hpmuseum website.



In a recent 'deep dive' into my calculator archives (Which started around 1972), I've come across a number of items which I do not believe have been archived yet.

- Texas Instruments SR-60 sales literature (1976, 8 pages)
( An early printing desktop scientific)

- Olympic Sales Company 'Wholesale Price List', 1976, 82 pages

- 'MITS' Creative Electronics Catalog (Scientific, desktop calculators), 1974, 10 pages

- MITS various calculator data sheets (7400, 1200,1440, DC6, DC4, ICT1800) 197?

- Compucalc Model 6500 (a HP65 printer attachment), 1977 1 page

- HP97S I/O Calculator Color Sales brochure, 1977 6 pages

- Casios 'Super Calculators' (fx58,fx68, fx120, etc...), 4 pages

- National Semiconductor Calculator and support Integrated Circuits datasheets (MM5471S VF display and Sci Calc, MM5780 educational calculator, MM5784 8digit, 5function calculator with accumulating memory, MM5767 slide rule calculator, MM5758 Scientific Calculator, MM5760 Slide Rule calculator, MM5762 financial calculator, MM5763 statistical calculator, MM5764 conversion calculator)
Calculator Kits guide - 2page brochure
Handheld Calculator battery systems App Note 149.


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You can send the Casio stuff to Olivier, ledudu13 <at> yahoo dot fr. He's the curator of, a french Casio web site.

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Hello Tom,

may I suggest to send the

- HP97S I/O Calculator Color Sales brochure, 1977 6 pages

to Dave Hicks 'cause I couldn't find it in his section "Hewlett Packard Advertisements".

And the "Olypic sales club" topic was just recently discussed here in the forum by Gene Wright.

If you have a pdf version of both I would be very happy if you could drop a copy into my mailbox ;-)

Kind regards


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