HP 25c Apps Review: GO 25 SCI, rpn 25


My HP 25c App Face Off

GO 25 Sci RPN - BigCatOS
Looks like the real calculator
Comes with sample programs
You can send programs by email, disk, in another app, or by printer
Keys has good feel, but takes a little getting used to
Programs are retained when app is closed
Comprehensive help included

rpn-25 - Maciej Bartosiak
You can be fast and the key input is accurate
Keys have larger press area
Programs are lost when app is closed
No online help...yet
Execution of program is "real", you see the the calculator "thinking"

GO 25 Sci RPN - *****, iPad version shines
rpn 25 - **** (I am sure that this app will improve with time) - better form factor for iPod/iPhone

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I wonder why they haven't developed any for the Android system yet? The Android market is suppposed to soon surpass the iPhone market.


Nice :)


I've just got an Archos 70 with Android 2.2. I have to learn how to program for it in order to port wp34s. :)


Hewlett Packard should consider re-releasing the HP 25c. The calculator with a good manual can further make a new generation of RPN fans.


Are you hinting at something YOU know and we don't????

Ok Tim and Cyril!! Time to fess up!!!



I wish I was LOL


I think we need to search for a parallel universe where HP is re-releasing the HP-25C against all sound marketing and management advice ... just for the fun of it.

Let the search begin!

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I am loving the fact that with GO 25, I can transfer files between my iPod and iPad. Currently, it is my favorite calculator app.


Actually I'm voting for the HP-29C!

I loved my HP-25, but I've always wished for more memory and subroutines.


I wrote to the developer of GO-25 asking him about his plans for a GO-29. He wrote back and said that for that to happen he will need a real HP-29C to emulate with the software. Since he has no HP-29C he feels that his hands are tied.


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With Free 42 available I'm wondering why the 25/29 paradigm is appealing?




You question is logical. The HP-42 beats the HP-25 in any practical measurement one can think of.
In my case, I bought GO-25 because the HP-25 was my first (you never forget your first!) and still my favorite HP calculator. I used it for many years and know every key (including shifted) by heart. Even though I use a HP-48SX as my daily calc, I still have a soft spot for my HP-25. I suspect others have similar reasons.


I have to agree, the 25 was my first hp calc as well. Got me started down the RPN road as well as other HP handhelds. To have it on my iPhone (along with the rest of the emulated HPs) is quite nice.


I understand your question, and in fact I use Free42 on my iPod touch as my main calculator. Using an HP25 emulator only serves nostalgic feelings, which I indeed have. The HP25 was a very important tool in my university days, and I have fond memories related to this model, as other persons also seem to. To use such emulators is similar to collecting physical calculators; there are few (if any) logical reasons to justify collecting, or paying over U$S 1K for a HP01, so to speak. But many of us do it, at least in a modest way. Paying for such apps also encourages developers not to abandon their efforts; perhaps they may recover some of their costs and time, but I don't think they will obtain significant profits.

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