HP-27S "Technical Manager" vs. "Scientific"


Did HP entitle their HP-27S as "Technical Manager" then at some point then switch over the "Scientific", or perhaps that title was used for a specific customer base?


Did HP entitle their HP-27S as "Technical Manager" then at some point then switch over the "Scientific", or perhaps that title was used for a specific customer base?


Here are the words from the 1/4/88 HP press release:

"The HP-27S scientific calculator ($110 U.S. list) is designed for technical professionals in management. It has a wide range of technical and financial functions, including time-value of money, amortization, forecasting, trig functions, statistics and standard math and scientific functions...."

All versions of the machine I've ever seen do say "SCIENTIFIC" on the case, but they certainly intended it for a multi-disciplinary user.

Jake Schwartz


According to the Original Box, the HP-27s is a "Scientific Calculator for the Technical Manager":


And here's the one I'm talking about showing the "Technical Manager" title instead of "Scientific":


I think you may have a rare variant. Want to sell?


It was pre-production, the name changed when it went into production. I have one as well that I obtained from an HP employee that worked in the calculator group. There is no stamped serial number on the unit, only a hand written number of 1691 in black ink.

Note the top row of keys, that too changed when it went into full production.


The top row of keys was actually the thing that I noticed first then the title. I just turned mine over and found no stamped serial number either but instead a 665 hand written on it.

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Congrats to Martin who will within days be the new owner of this "rare variant". Wasn't my intent when posting this question but he made a nice offer.


That is a rare beauty.


Great find! Congratulations! :->

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