TI introduces new calculator! Takes world by storm! HP quits business and asks forgiveness!


Here's the new item!

:-) Just kidding. Thought I would mess with my friend Joerg. This is the Santron 400 from his site.

Santron at Datamath.org

And, yes, a bit early for an April fools joke.

Edited: 23 Mar 2011, 5:39 p.m.


Looks like Kadhafi's new make up ... so he can slip out easily out of Libya!!



You are wrong - and I'm not kidding. The Datamath Calculator Museum is a serious business and we recently reverse engineered the successor of the HP 41C.

After removing no less than 10 (typical HP quality!) screws from the calculator and dismantling it completely I was shocked!

The mold of the calculator frame had a SMILEY embedded:

So what?



Edited: 23 Mar 2011, 8:30 p.m.


What?! There's no double-wide Enter key. Is it RPN or RPL? How deep is the stack? Does it support IR, SD, serial or USB? Is it LED or LCD? ;-)

Remember, a smile is an upside down frown.




Shock! :-)

Joerg, you are a good sport!

We now have a mutual calculator friend... Scott, whose father lives near you.

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