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Hi all, i've been busy uploading a portion of my collection onto Flickr recently. Originally I intended to just upload my clear cased HP's, but i've added many of my HP's, some Sharps and Casios as well. I thought it would be better to share this with everyone than just have it all sitting in my office. I will keep uploading photos over the next few months or so.


Cheers, Keith

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Nice collection Keith !!



Yes a very nice photographic spread of your calculator collection. :-)


I am speechless :-D


Beautiful collection! I especially like the clear cased prototypes. I also have a Sharp PC-1211 that is still functional, however, sadly the orange LCD display is bleeding badly. I did find a Radio Shack TRS-80 Pocket Computer (made by Sharp for Radio Shack) with a good display to replace it. I also have the Sharp CE-122 Printer and Cassette Interface for it. I didn't see any Woodstocks in your Flickr photos; do you have any? No collection would be complete without a few Woodstock models.


Thanks Michael, the Woodstocks are coming! I've got a 21, 25, 27 & 29c to upload. Also got the Tandy/Radio Shack series - my first pocket computer was the PC8 in about 1988 - probably the worst one of the series! Cheers, Keith


There you go Michael - just added 25, 27 & 29C. I should have transferred the battery pack from the 27 to show the others working. I might even put up a non-HP RPN or a TI just to mix it up. Cheers, Keith


Very nice collection! Congratulations!

BTW, I am intending to store/show some HP calcs in wood boxes, and wondering what type of inner foam I could use.

Keith, how did you get your HP-12c woodcase (or did it, or transform it, etc.)?

I would be very happy to read you about this particular aspect of your collector habits.


Thanks Xavier, I bought this from TAS a few years ago from someone in the UK. They had a few of them and they were a promotional HP special from memory. It was quite expensive for a humble 12C - I will post another photo of it for you. The foam is quite firm and is covered in a black silk. Cheers, Keith


Thank you for this answer.

Well, if I have to spend some time on building a wood case, I might understand this work got its price, above all for a perfect result!

My problem is now to understand foam "industry", or "know-how". Is it complex/easy to do? What does it require as material/machines, etc.? Can it be found easily? and so on...

I would appreciate your new picture, thank you.


Sounds like a good plan. I've uploaded some more photos that give you a better idea. Interestingly I keep a large portion of my collection in high quality wooden chocolate boxes. Cheers, Keith


Nice picture, thank you Keith.


High quality chocolate or high quality boxes!? Might help get the wife on board for adding to your collection!

Nice pictures - I teach PHOTO 101 occasionally at the local university and know how hard it is to get such nice lighting. Do you use a light box, soft box, photo diffusers, or ...?


Thanks Dave, they are just happy snaps from within my office! The diffuse lifting is a combination of natural light from the nearby windows and flouro lights above. You can actually see the reflection of the flouro lights in some of the photos. I do a bit of photography though - one of my other hobbies. Cheers, Keith


... And the boxes are wood - they used to have German chocolates in them. My wife's parents own two boutique chocolate shops, so life is good! Cheers, Keith


Those are nice pictures indeed. Can I make one suggestion? Use a tripod and decrease the aperture of your camera (i.e. increase the f-number) to increase the depth of field (DOF). All the keys, as well as the screen of the calculator should be reasonably sharp. Something like f/9 or f/11 should do, depending on your distance to the object.


Hi Jeroen, I will do this. Some pictures I took in a hurry (especially the Woodstocks which I took for Michael!). I've got the tripod in the office now and have another batch of calculators lined up for photos. Cheers, Keith


congratulations.. your collection is wonderfull....
the wood box is perfect...

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