HP 71B, lurking, thanks and other stuff


Hello all,

firstly, thanks to everyone that has lent me a calculator/s for repair for the book. I will be in touch shortly (Gene, DB, Mike and etc...). I have been a lurker here, sporadically as this year has been extremely busy!

Most of the book is done, but every time I get going, something happens, home, work, family...and you PEOPLE. Stop comming up with MORE novel fixes!!!

Just came off a 3 week course on the B777 which interupted the March book and calculator schedule. Suffice to say, I will be in touch, and the book, well, I am aiming for San Diego. I will be there by hook or by crook!

Speaking of the book the Titan chapter is now complete and here are some shots an HP 71B with the following:

- two 32K RAM modules
- math ROM
- Card reader
- Customized overlay for the 'office'

I was given four beaters to work with for the titan chapter and one of the projects was to scavenge two 4K rams from one unit and piggy back them to another creating a larger built in RAM, and documenting it. Plus an LCD screen swap from one with a destroyed keyboard to another with a bad LCD but pristine keyboard. Similar to the HP 15C swap just posted lately. Also a repair involving the newer version keyboard to logic board connection.

here are the 71B images:

plan view with overlay used at work. Overlay printed on 'clear label' media then sliced with razor and placed on the overlay.

artsy quarter view of the 71B with overlay

artsy quater view of the 71B without overlay. I prefer the older version with the metal back as the yellow 'F' labels are more visible then the newer versions:

Looking forward to San Diego and returning all the lent items to their rightful owners.

Cheers all, Geoff


Beautiful work, as always. I am anxious to read your book because
I have 2 very heavily used 71Bs which I would like to recondition.
I hope you write some details on how you were able to do such an
outstanding job labelling the keyboard overlays. Thanks for all your work. John Pierce


Hello Geoff,

the photos you've posted are absolute superb and one could hardly guess how much work goes in these restauration projects. Of course a key factor is the know how. So please notify us, when you're ready to take orders for your book and I hope you're going to send it to overseas, too (Germany in my case).

All the best to you.

Kind regards


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