There's a new RPL kid on the block


I believe ND1 is the only non-HP (and non-HP-ROM emulator) RPL calculator in existence.

The latest version, v1.3, adds significantly to its RPL abilities.

The language is now on the level of the 50g, with a 360-strong command subset.

In addition to being an RPL thing, ND1 is it's own thing.

There's a new visual guide to capabilities that sums it all up.

What RPL ND1 runs, it runs it fast. Check out the benchmark section in the Comparison to HP calculators.


Just one question. Where do get them ?


Looks like you'd get it from the App Store, just like any other iOS app.

(I won't get into my opinions on iOS in this thread, they're best to not be shared in polite company. :))


Apple AppStore. Just search for "ND1". Or try out free "ND0" first. (Limited to 3 stacks positions, and two shared folder downloads.)

If you like it, it would be great if you could rate the app (either one).

Thousands of people who don't understand what RPN is have downloaded ND0, given it one sec (probably typing "2+2"), ignored all warnings about having to learn RPN (there's almost 300 pages of online documentation), and many go on to rate the app one star. Thousands others keep the app, but never bother to rate it. (This part is very frustrating...)

Everyone who knows what they're talking about (except one person) rate it 5 stars. The average, though, sucks and hurts the project.


P.S. Next month should finally see the release of CalcPad for iPad. That's the same MorphEngine and RPL compatibiliy, but a different UI.

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Android? :)


Android is coming. (And Kindle, too.)


It's a nice App, but ND1 interface is not very intuitive to folks who have used HP calculators.


There're two sets of key layouts, between which you can easily switch:

"Modern", shown in most screenshots in the document, is not recognizable to HP users, I agree.

But give it five minutes, and you'll see that it simply trades what non-HP users would consider cryptic text (STO, RCL, SWAP) with iconic symbols. After those five minutes you may agree it makes the (tight) space look less cluttered.
You may also find that you like the Enter in the middle (simply because that's where your thumb likes to rest when holding an iPhone or iPod touch), and you may like 9 (instead of 6) soft-keys.

This mode looks daring, I know, but it's the result of holding the device and experimenting for quite a bit.

"Classic", shown in a couple of screenshots, too, is *exactly* the HP-28S key layout and key caps. Except CHS became +/- and USER became VAR. (Some 2nd level functions moved.)

I don't know what your HP reference is. A 41 sure looks quite different from a 28.

Finally: you can change the keycaps and the function of *any* key. You can even add or remove keys. You could even have a single-wide Enter key, but that would be crazy, of course... ;-)

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