[OT] Casio fx 98 on TAS


This oh so cute model has been mentioned on this forum some time ago... Finally one specimen comes up (and I think it's going to break all records on Casio auctions).

link (beware - you really don't need this)


An even better version of the fx-98 is the one that Casio made for Radio Shack, the EC-4009. That model was identical except for having permutation and combination functions that the fx-98 lacks (on the same keys as the parenthesis). They were cheap enough that I gave a bunch away as casual gifts 26 years ago. Today, I have only my one remaining.

There was a slightly smaller Casio scientific (non-solar) from 1977 called the fx-48. Mine survives and still works well 34 years after I bought it.

I'd like to see a re-issue of the EC-4009.

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I also have an EC-4009. It's a great little calculator. I had one in high school in the mid-80s. Several of my friends got them too after they saw mine. Unfortunately it was stolen not long after. After watching ebay for about 5 years, I snagged one for $50 not too long ago. I passed up several high priced ones during my long search.

They don't make 'em like they used to.


How thick is the body of one of these "credit card" calculators, not counting the protrusion of the buttons?


I had one, I'm sure I didn't throw it away but I don't know where it is. I don't know if it was the solar cell, or the connexions, it began to stop working and in the end didn't even turn on. It was a pitty, I liked it a lot.

I would say it was 3 or 4 mm (0.12 - 0.16 inch) thick, not more.


I seem to remember it being about the same thickness as their regular folding scientific. it's just not as tall.


I also like mine - Casio fx68, no solar, 8 digits. Measured dimensions are 54mm x 91mm x 5mm (body only, keys protrusion not included). Still working but about month ago glued metal faceplate peeled off which ended in my first calculator restoration attempt.

My daughter (12) prefers 30b (yet in ALG mode).



Thanks for measuring the dimensions. The outline is, perhaps unsurprisingly, close to the dimensions of a Japanese business card. What is the height with the keys?

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Thanks for measuring the dimensions. The outline is, perhaps unsurprisingly, close to the dimensions of a Japanese business card. What is the height with the keys?

Eric, I have tried new more precise measurement which revealed thickens of the body 4,8 mm plus 1,2 mm keys protrusion. There are some pictures in the link. Hope it will help (is there something cooking?)



Just some thoughts on how one might make a thin calculator. Don't yet know whether anything is likely to result. Wish I had more time to spend on calculator development!

Looks like the case is stamped aluminum? I wonder what it costs to have a suitable die made. Probably not practical for low volume production.


It could well be that the 98 model also has the permutation function - but the keys are not labelled!

i've seen this before with casio. for example the fx-29 has permutations and combinations on [shift] * and / keys, but it not marked. the labelling is there on the fx-39.

this my guess, since radio shack used to simply rebrand. it should be checked however.

-- hugh.


That is a lot for just a scientific calculator. Wow. A nice looking calculator.


Hi Manolo.

Nice calculator. Regarding the term "beware - you really don't need this" it sometimes gets swept away by "hey I remember that I really wanted that gadget once". By that I mean that I from time to time stumble over (even non-HP) items that I remember reading about in electronics magazines back in the 1980's and 90's. Back then they were too expensive for me (being being just introduced on the market) as the latest technology is almost always expensive. Today the same items are often 20+ years old and the owners have got tired of looking at them in the desktop drawer thinking "I don't need that anymore. Hmm... I wonder if some geek collects those things?". Well, that is just lucky for us collectors so we might find that Holy Grail item that we never got our fingers in back then when we were studying or just did not have eg. $300 to buy that thing. As late as the day before yesterday I came across an Atari Portfolio with a $3 price tag. Now that's a great deal for a collector.

So what I mean is that even if you are not in need for an extra calculator/pda/gadget/bicycle/set of winther tires it would be crazy not to buy it if you can afford it without putting your whole economical situation at risk. If the item is not sold the seller often sends the item for recycling. And that is a shame.

Best regards

Johnny Bjoern Rasmussen


Hi Johnny,

Of course, if you come upon a bargain like that (3$ for a Portfolio is just plain burglary! ;)), you should get it or else you will regret for decades (and every finely crafted tool deserves a loving home, you know). I understand too the pleasure to fulfil some cravings. But lately, before I wonder if I can afford some new old gadget, I find myself trying to decide whether I just have enough time/room for it, or whether there is another tool that can do the job better (and be easily replaced, I turned down recently a very nice hp 200lx because of that... sometimes it's hard).

I have a NIB casio fx-78 (almost as small as this one, not solar, but ten digits). Build quality is the best I've ever seen, but it is not as useful as my other calcs, so the poor thing sleeps in its box, that's a bit sad too.




In high school (1979) my geomtry teacher had a Casio FX-28,
which was in 'landscape' format and similar to the '98
except perhaps with a few less functions. I recall the FX28
having quite a 'yellow' LCD display.

In 1980 I got a similar Casio FX-68 'credit card' calculator.
However, it was arranged in a vertical "portrait" layout and
came in a little folding vinyl wallet.

I believe Radio Shack rebranded one of these calcs and it would
have had some model number like "EC-nnnn"

Bill Wiese
San Jose CA

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