LCD fading, not only in the calcs


Dear All,

while browsing the archives, I have found this thread :
HP41C LCD/Display

I'm attaching two pics of one of my Seiko Watches which has a similar problem,

has anyone ever find a solution for increasing the contrast ??

take care and thanks in advance for any advice,


P.S. if the curator believes this is O.T., I ask him to remove it immediately, Alberto


I had a Casio fx-4000P calculator that did a similar thing. It's from the late 1980s so I wasn't too surprised, but I was really fond of the calculator.

About 10 years ago the display was starting to get dim, causing me to either up the contrast or buy new batteries ( which helped, for a few years ). But eventually nothing I would try would help.

I've always wondered if it could be a capacitor that dried out or at least something that I could fix.

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