Hp 50g multi-page INFORM



I'm new to hp 50g user rpl programming.

I'm trying to make a multi-page input form similar to the mode page on 50g; ie it has other pages for cas and display settings. I want to combine all the results into one list afterwards.

Any pointers/help would be appreciated.



Those are actually separate informs. When you press the menu key, it builds a new page. When you return, it saves any changes.

You really can only do this with sysRPL and it isn't a trivial task.



Thanks Tim.

the other limitation was the max 4 rows.

so, if I want to go with the 'mode' way, how do I build those menu items? do i build a custom menu and display it, then call inform?



That program will allow easy creation of inform boxes (source code needing to be compiled) on the unit itself.

To actually do the compiling, you will need to learn a lot more regarding sysRPL. The "bible" for that is here: http://www.hpcalc.org/details.php?id=5144

Chapter 35 is all about input forms.

Honestly though, if you are just starting with userRPL, I'd rethink your interface a bit to work with the tools presented there. Once you have it working, you can move into sysRPL and make more advanced interfaces if desired.



Hi Tim,

I meant if it is possible to implement what the 'mode' page does using user RPL.

I agree, learning system RPL is not the right step for now.


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