HP 42s calculators on Ebay.


I am finding it very interesting that there are 8 different auctions on ebay right now for HP 42s calculators. (one auction is selling 3 at once) Are we seeing the sell off of 42s by collectors who got brand new ones? or is it a coincidence? I don't remember seeing so many for sale all at once.


Maybe the sudden availability of a bunch of relatively inexpensive 42S's from HP has prompted some sellers to try to sell their calculators now, in case some more machines come from HP and the value drops.


I doubt that any more would surface. I know for sure that no more would be made again. But it would make sense buying a new one and and then selling the old one. I guess if you could get 12 years out of an old 42S, then even if one gets 8 years out of a new one, something is bound to happen in eight years time [well maybe Carly might leave]. Or maybe some wealthy 42S lover might buy over the rights from HP and restart production . Who knows??


Some of what's appeared on bay has definitely been our current stock sale. I think it's interesting that someone is just now selling an emtpy 42 box/manual set, too. (oops, was selling, auction ended.)

I don't think HP will end up selling rights. Enough interest to sell the rights means enough interest to make the calculators, but not necessarily enough interest to push through the stock bureaucracy and produce. Sad, ain't it?



I think the worst thing about new 42S's (w/ Indonensian s/n) would be build poor quality. I'm specifically thinking about painted keys (like newer 17B's and GX's), instead of the original injected-molded keys.



After posting the previous message (from work), a couple hours later I arrived at home to find a package containing my new 42S. I was very happy to find it DOES have injected key labels even though it was manufactured in 2001 (I mistakenly assumed ALL recently manufactured calculators would have painted keys).



FWIW, new HP42S calcs are still available. If you are willing to do a little searching. I picked up a NIB 42S from the UMass bookstore about a year ago. $75. And a little hole-in-the-wall photo/electronics store in NYC had them for $79.95. Happy hunting.

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