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This is directed toward Angel Martin:

I'm trying to use the Sandmath Module on i41CX and the EV3X3 function in particular. I input "XEQ ALPHA EV3X3 ALPHA" with the output "Nonexistent". Not sure why the function can't be found.

Note: the Advantage and I41CX-MATH modules are installed as well.


If this helps:

Port1 = I41CX-MATH
Port2 = Advantage
Port3 = Sandmath
Port4 = No Module


The only dependency is for the Advantage module, and a SIZE large enough to hold the matrix data if not in XMEM.

Also make sure you have FLAG 6 CLEAR in order to use a new matrix.


I'm not sure what size is required to run (didn't find this info in the docs) but I set it to 28. Also checked flag 6 was clear. Still no luck.


I looked at the Matrix ROM in Sandmath 7A 3.pdf, and although the header is EV3X3, the function name is VP3X3. I tried executing that and it works.

One observation: It doesn't appear to print the results in normal or trace mode.


VP3X3 was the previous name for that program, so it's likely you're running a rather old version of the Module. The current one is version 8.

I'm not sure how often they get updated at TOS for download on i41CX though. I checked on my i41CX and it already has version 7, which has the new name so you could also update it.

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i41CX only came with the i41CX-Math module, and I had to download Sandmath from TOS. There are 3 different modules; can you explain the differences?

Sandmath (currently loaded in Port 3) Older version?

Sandmath 8k

Sandmath 12k


This is probably what caused the issue. The "sandmath" rom is an older version, for all that matter you can delete it as it has old revisions of the programs, superceded by the "SandMath_8k" , or the "SandMath_12k" - which is a superset of the 8k version, plus another 4k containing the "Algebra" section (i.e. matrix, vectors and polynomial programs).

In summary:

Sandmath - old and superceded.

SandMath_8k = Main Module, does not need Advantage

SandMath_12k = SandMath_8k + Algebra ROM.

Only the programs in the Algebra part require the Advantage ROM.

Hope this clarifies.


Yes it does, Thanks.

Is it my imagination, or does there seem to be a (calculation) speed gain in the newer module?

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Is it my imagination, or does there seem to be a (calculation) speed gain in the newer module?

Well, yes! I optimized things a bit between both revisions, like I wrote a couple of functions to simplify the code and expedite things - so that may be what you're noticing.

It really is a much improved version - not perfect quite yet but I'm working on it :-)


Can the output be sent to the printer? I haven't found a way to do that.

Edited: 25 Feb 2011, 11:35 a.m.


Have you tried setting the printer in NORM mode?


I tried both trace and norm. The matrix inputs are printed, and after that a series of "RUN" statements, and a single "RUNNING..." statement. However, output results are not printed for some reason.

Edited: 25 Feb 2011, 11:40 p.m.

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