Photos of some of my calculators


I posted some photos so my students could see the calculators I'm always bragging about. They have not been impressed so far.



He he, sounds as I have had your students too ;-D



What's that green buttoned calculator? Is it lab-tubes on the top? And don't worry - I can see it's not's not a HP ;-)


What's that green buttoned calculator?

That's one of those "water powerered calculators" that are not really powered by water:


It is one of the "water powered" calculators. It's the only one that the kids seen to think is cool. I think so too. :-) Filling the little tubes with water and seeing the calculator work is just plain fun.



Okay, cool 8-)

If you want to you can join my FB group for collectors of old handheld computers and calculators. The group needs a little action...

Cheers from Johnny


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