HP IL video interface


I'm looking for a HP IL video interface to buy, but in a honest price, TURNING ON... If any one has to sell... Regards.


Me too :)


I bought one a few days ago.... and I sent i back to the seller, 'cause it was misfunction. It turned on bu no image on the screen. Regards


I found one... If it's turn on I'll send you a picture. I never saw these one running... regards...


When you have it hooked up, with the cursor flashing, execute PRX on the HP-41.


Is this the "monitor" that you can drive with the 41CX?


There were a couple of HPIL video interfaces which put text out on a composite video signal. A separate modulator was required if you wanted to use them with a TV. I have the 80-column 24-line HP92198 made by Mountain Computer for HP. There was a smaller 40-column one that was in the same case as the HP 82169A HPIL-to-HPIB interface converter, 82164A HPIL-to-RS232, and 82165A HPIL-to-parallel. I don't know the model number but I saw one on eBay several months back.

The monitor is nice especially for seeing a program listing as you develop the program, without having to keep printing and printing. With the 41's ACA function, you can make lines as long as you want though, not being limited to 24 characters, so there's lots more you can do with it-- just not graphics.

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The system I bought on these site was the HP 82163A. And only flashing blank blocks.... nothing more... I have the HP 82164A (RS 232) Is it possible to turn into a monitor????????????? sorry about the question. Regards.


The flashing blank block sounds like the cursor waiting for data. Did you select the device and send it data?

The 164 shares only the case type. It cannot be turned directly into a video interface, but it could be connected to an RS-232 terminal.


The system, when turned into a monitor, flashs a blank block, If turned on or off the calculator, no difference could be seen. I changed the calc for another, and changed the HP82160A for a new one... No difference.


... I changed the calc for another, and changed the HP82160A for a new one

So I assume you tried to use it with a HP-41. The video interface needs explicit commands from the HP-41 to display something.
Maybe your interface was working correctly, but you didn't know how to use it. Should you have ask to this forum before sending it back to the seller?


I see the negative feedback logged for coburlin. I wouldn't feel bad about returning it at all. At the Fixed Prices that he sells things at, you should be able to expect some service with the sale. From comments when coburlin relisted it, it appears he doesn't have any clue about what he is selling either.

I own and have used an HP-IL video interface. It works just like an HP-IL printer. When you connect a printer to the HP-IL loop, it does not do anything until you send it print commands. Same thing with this video interface. A blinking block cursor is its way of telling you it is ready to receive data from the controller on the loop (HP-41).


[..]At the Fixed Prices that he sells things at, you should be able to expect some service with the sale.
Yes, of course. But at the high price the buyer paid for this item, one could also expect that the buyer knew what he bought. Obviously he didn't know. However the buyer could have asked the seller about the functionality issue before sending the obviously functional unit back, so that seems to have been a communication problem;-)

About ten years ago I sold a NOS HP-21S for a fixed price (100 bucks), and after receiving the calc the buyer complained about the calc beeing ten years old! Pfffff...I mean, someone paying that much for a relatively simple yet rare calc should know beforehand what he's doing.


Dear partner
I asked to the seller about the item. I received a positive answer about the item
He told me it was all ok. I was sad vexames I sent it back And the seller try to delay to reguem the money to My paypal account. I am a honest buyer.


I followed all instructions described in the hp 82163a manual
If the product was ok, I could use it without problems.


After rereading the 82163 manual I have to admit that the 82163A manual is not really suited for the end user. It describes how to connect the devices, but it implies that the user knows how to get data sent to the interface. The "Operation" section mentions in one sentence that the interface responds to many printer commands sent to it. Unfortunately there are no examples given. Section "Controlling the Video Interface" mentions that at startup the interface is in an inactive mode, w/o telling what that means. Appendix C mentions the HP-41 as controller, and that's the only section where the user can get an idea to use OUTA, or printer commands to actually get some reaction from the interface.

So, sorry for my harsh words and ingnorance. Actually it wasn't your fault. Instead, it's the fault of the lousy manual.


No problems. I'd like to explain what happened. But now I noivei amornes and abem it arrives I'd like to test and use it. Are you able to teach me? As os you can help every one. Like you adote the manual does not help. Regards.


But now I noivei amornes and abem it arrives



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The reason the 82163A manual doesn't explain how to print to it is that it may be used with many different controllers, and it is assumed that the manual for the HP-IL interface for the controller will describe how to select a device and send output to it. In the case of the HP-41, that would be the 82160A manual.

Other controllers that can talk to the 82163A include

  • HP-71B with HP 82401A,
  • HP-75C/D
  • Series 80 or HP 9915A with HP 82938A
  • HP-110 or Portable Plus
  • HP 150 with HP 45643A
  • HP-1630/1631 series logic analyzers (depending on firmware version)
  • HP 9807A (Integral) with HP 82924A
  • PC compatibles with HP 82973A
  • a small number of third-party controllers.

All of these have substantial differences in how one talks to HP-IL devices. It would not have been practical for the 82163A manual to explain printing from each of them; that would have been like expecting the manual for a printer with a Centronics interface to have had instructions for how to print from a wide variety of different computers. (Back then the PC and Windows had not yet cornered the market.)

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