HP-30B Fun (HP-45 Simulator...)


Cool ! With the cable that Tim sent, I was able to flash the HP-30B with the HP-45 simulator.

Video of HP-30B running HP-45 Simulator

HP-45 Software Demo


Very nice! Now take the next step ...


My next step will be to locally compile my own binary of the HP-45, and successfully load that.
The demo I showed was with the pre-built binary from the 20B wiki.
Once that is done, then I will take the leap with the wp-34s.
I saw in another post it was mentioned that it was not ready for deploying to the hardware - is that still the case?

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Have spent some time trying to build the hp-45 demo in Ubuntu. I can successfully compile the binary with CodeSourcery, but it does not flash into the device with sam-ba (from WinXP).

Incidentally, I cannot get one environment to work with both CodeSourcery and Sam-ba. In Ubuntu, I cannot get sam-ba to show the dialog that you use to select the BIN image. And in WinXP, Sam-ba works fine, but I am not sure how to compile with CodeSourcery!

I should perhaps stick to Aircraft Engineering ! Any tips on either getting sam-ba to work in Ubuntu, or what to do with CodeSourcery in WinXP? Many thanks.


And in WinXP, Sam-ba works fine, but I am not sure how to compile with CodeSourcery!

I did most of the dev work with the CS (or was it the RTEMS?) tools under win2k. I did check the build with a scratch built gcc cross compiler under openbsd/sparc64, so it should be fairly portable. I've got a x86 VPS running Debian, which should be close enough to your Ubuntu--I'll try and test it out today if I get a chance.

Thank you for the reply. Some further information.

I have now managed to use both CodeSourcery and Sam-ba from within WinXP. I was missing the fact you had to use 'cs-make' to make the project.

1. I compiled demo_45 from source using cs-make from within WinXP. This gives a bin file of size 16772 bytes.
That does not match the size of the bin file (i.e. 16896 bytes) from the demo_45 tar.gz archive .

2. There was one warning in the compile process, in line 533.

3. The 30B does not turn on after following the usual flashing procedure with this bin file.

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