HP-41 internal construction


Can anyone give me some pointers on how to determine what type of logic connector was used, perhaps based on serial number? I understand that early models used a connector material is difficult to reuse, and I don't want to pull apart a calculator that I can't re-assemble.



The problem connectors where typically on early CV's only. Rather than trying to identify by serial, it is much easier to identify by sight.

Remove the case bottom and look between the logic board and keyboard at the bottom edge. Problem connectors have flat edges and are pink in color. They are elastomeric material only. With the pink parts, the logic board will be firmly stuck to the keyboard and it will require a bit of force to pop it off.

Good parts are gold in color and use small wires rather than carbon to make the interconnects. Gold connectors may be one or two pieces, depending upon the age.

FWIW: If there are any white labels inside the calculator with coded numbers and a date, it was serviced by HP and the problem connectors would have been replaced with reusable parts.


Randy, exactly the information I needed. Thank you.


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