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Not really off topics : it's about old HP 'computers'

I just made a first public release of an emulator for HP 9816 and 9836A (9000 serie 200)

With help from Tony Duel (schematics) and Jon Johnston (rom dump and docs)
I managed to have a somewhat usable system, try it if you miss the good old RMB

Web site



This is fantastic! Thank you!


Hi folks,

Recently I was wondering if there is a such thing as a HP9100 emulator. After searching for a while, the result was a pleasant surprise because I did find it and able to install it on my Linux

Quite a nice implementation.

It is made for Debian Linux and was tailor made for me.

The link:


Have a nice evening to all of you.


There are some issues with this but it is a great start.


Could you give some details about the issues ?

Btw I put a new version today ...



This looks like an exciting product!

The update was helpful. I need a bit more time to explore the possibilities. I'm not familiar with the system emulated (yet).

You've done a great job as far as I can tell.

One suggestion would be to include an example of what disk images to use with what disk type to get started with something.

It's great to have so many powerful options, but it can be a bit confusing to have so many choices for the beginner like me.

Thanks for sharing this great work with us!


Happy to :)

I did get the new version. So far the main thing is the save function. If I do a save to .E98x6 file nothing is really saved.
For example the processor speed reverts to slow and the emulator boots looking for a system even though I have saved it with a system and the MAX processor speed.

Then if I delete the .E98x6 file everytime I restart the emulator I get an error that the file is missing. So now it wont start in its original clean state without an error. I cannot find a way to clear that error.

I'm running the emulator on Windows 7.


My fault,

Only save for disc is working. I'll try for the system soon.

To revert to a clean install you need to delete all registry entry under


with regedit

I don't activate system save (& load) because each time I change some stuff in the code, it can lead to change of the save system format, sorry



Thanks for the info :)

Your work has brought a great old machine back to life on my desktop. Keep us updated on your progress :)


New release with more robust internal and amigo disc.
Save and load of system now activated

happy rmb and pascal ...



Just got the latest. Keep it up!

The save does work now but for some reason the debug window starts up even though I deselected the the check box in settings, as if that is not being saved.

Nice work though :)


I've had a bit more time to try this. It's really cool!

I choose a memory size of 1024k and a KML file. I used the 9122 disk type on 700.0.x, then after starting I loaded the bas5boot.bin file in the 700,0 drive. Like magic the system booted to basic.

It's been fun experimenting with simple programs.

Thanks for all your had work. You've done (and are doing) a great job!


New release today with working 9816A, 9836A, 9836C and 9837H models

Happy rmb and pascal :)




Very nice.

I appreciate your work on this a lot!


The new version still uses 100% of my (single core) CPU. On a multi-core system at work it runs at full usage (100%) of one (virtual) core.


It uses 100% of one core only at max speed.
At x1, it uses around 5% for a 2.4 GHz core 2 Duo.
At max, it takes 100% and is equivalent as a x7 speed up.

Edited: 27 Feb 2011, 1:56 p.m.


This last update on the 27th really fixed that "save" function! Thanks! :)


Btw, I just put a zip with source at my site.



Just grabbed it! Thanks :)


In 1987 and 1988 I worked for Osram in Munich as a student trainee and used an 9836 to automate a test stand. Working with this machine was a pure joy and I never forgot it. The emulator brings back the memories. Thank's a lot for this!

Does anyone have manuals for the machine or the software? Without them it is really dificult to explore the emulator.


You can find many manuals and softwares at www.hpmuseum.net
Be carefull to use a software on a supported hardware.

Use '200Series_PeripheralsSupportMatrix_16pages_Dec89' pdf for that.



The HP98x6 series emulator eats up my (single core) CPU. On a multi-core system at work it runs at full capacity (100%) of one (virtual) core.

What can I do?

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