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Hi everyone,

I just bought an HP 12c Platinum and I notice that whenever I touch the screen (even with a slight pressure) that lines and clumps of pixels appear. Whether the calculator is on or off, when I touch the screen clumps of pixels appear. They disappear after a while, but I'm wondering about what's wrong with this. I have other HP scientific and graphing calculators and this sort of thing seem to only happen to the HP 12c Platinum. My fingers aren't magnetic, I don't think. What's causing this? I mean, I sure I'm not the only one who finds this somewhat disconcerting...


I've never seen an LCD that did not exhibit similar behavior. Even my color wide-screen display that I am looking at right now will show distortion if I touch it.


My fingers aren't magnetic, I don't think. What's causing this?

LCDs are not magnetic. They function on electric field changes. Your touch is disturbing or inducing electric fields through the crystals.

This should not disturb you. It's common in all LCDs if the protective window over the LCD allows fingers to get too close to the display surface.

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Oh, okay, I understand. Thank y'all for the responses. (:

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