HPIL-Devel BUFFER Question


While doing some reseach on the BUFFER types I wanted to look at the one created by the HPIL Develoment module (id#=12).

This is quite an interesting buffer in a few ways, with a pointer structure - so it's quite close to a data file in XM, but of course without the "normalization" issue.

Anyway the issue I'm having is that the module image would not work on V41 - it freezes until you unload the rom image.

Furthermore, I loaded the said image on my MLDL and if works ok, albeit on startup it throws the criptic message "RD? 0 IND".

Linked to the MONITOR mode perhaps? I guess not, since such is disabled everytime the calculator is swithed off. Needless to say that the behavior is completele normal when using the REAL module on the same machine.

Any ideas as to what's that and how can it be disabled?



Loaded the said module in my MLDL, had no problems with lockups or statup with starte messages. XROM number is 22 though. I did not ry any of the functions though ...



Thanks Meindert for looking into this - your assistance is always helpul.

Somehow the issue has gone away as it now works fine on the M2k. I have no idea why, no master clear or anything.

BTW I modified my BFCAT function to make it compatible with the AIP/MIP marker on the buffer header (stored in the XS digit). The BFCAT execution allows for forward and backward listing of the buffers. While the forwards way is easy using the buffer size info stored in the header, the backards run isn't possible unless the size of the "previous" buffer is known - similar to the FOCAL CHAIN in main memory.


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In case you're interested, here's the Function Table for the BUFFERLAND Module:-

F. Name	        Description	        Input
-BUFFERLAND section header none
AIPT Auto Increment Pointer id# in X
ASTOBF _ _ Alpha to Buffer buf# in prompt
ARCLBF _ _ Buffer to Alpha buf# in prompt
B? Buffer existence id in X
BF>RGX _ _ Buffer to Registers bbb,eee in X, buf# in prompt
BF>ST _ _ Buffer to Stack buf# in prompt
BFCAT Buffer Catalog none; SST,SHIFT, D, H, R/S
BFHEAD Buffer Header id# in X
BFLNG Buffer Length (Size) id# in X
BFRCL _ _ Restore Buffer from RG id# in X; RCL in prompt
BFSTO _ _ Store Buffer to RG id# in X; RCL in prompt
BFVIEW Buffer View id# in X
BLIST List Buffers none
BUF? Buffer existence id# in X
BUFHD Buffer Head address id# in X
CLB Clear Buffer id# in X
CLRBF Clear Buffer Contents id# in X
CRBUF Create Buffer ID,00(SZ) in X
DELBUF Delete Buffer id# in X
GETB Get buffer from XM File Name in Alpha
GETBUF Get buffer from XM File Name in Alpha
GETPT _ _ Get Pointer value buf# in prompt
MIPT Manual Increment PT id# in X
REIDBF Re-id# buffer old,new id#'s in X
RESZBF Re-size buffer ID,00(SZ) in X
RGX>BF _ _ Registers to buffer RG in X, buf# in prompt
SAVEB Save Buffer in XM id# in X, File Name in Alpha
SAVEBUF Save Buffer in XM id# in X, File Name in Alpha
SETPT _ _ Set Pointer Value pt# in X, buf# in prompt
ST>BF _ _ Stack to Buffer buf# in prompt
-KA UTILS Section Header none
DCD Decode NNN in X
GETK Get Keys from XM File Name in Alpha
KACLR Clear KA "OK' / "OKALL" in Alpha
KALNG? KA Length none
KAPCK Pack KA none
LKOFF De-activate Local KA none
LKON Re-activate Local KA none
MRGK Merge Keys from XM File Name in Alpha
SAVEK Save Keys in XM File Name in Alpha
-ZBUFFER Checks for 41Z ROM none
CLZB Clears Z buffer None
L1=XY? is L1 equal to XY? None
L1<>L Swap L1 & Level Level# as suffix
L1<>L2 Swap L1 & L2 None
L1<>L3 Swap L1 & L3 None
L1<>L4 Swap L1 & L4 None
L1<>LX Swap L1 & Level level in X
L2=ZT? is L2 equal to ZT? None
L2>ZT Copies L2 into ZT None
LVIEW View Level Level# as suffix
LVIEWX View level by X level in X
RG>ZB Restores Buffer from RG Reg# as suffix
ST>ZB Copies stack to L1&L2 None
XY>L Copies XY into Level Level# as suffix
XY>L0 Copies XY into L0 Re(z) in X; Im(z) in Y
XY>L1 Copies XY into L1 Re(z) in X; Im(z) in Y
ZB>RG copies buffer to reg Reg# as suffix
ZB>ST Copies L1&L2 to stack None
ZBDROP Drops Z buffer None
ZBLIFT Zbuffer Header info None
ZBHEAD Lifts Z buffer None
ZBVIEW Shows Z Buffer None

Edited: 8 Feb 2011, 7:55 a.m.


V41 loops (but BTW how do you predetermine the port number?). With my NutEm no problem so far, alas I do not simulate HPIL traffic yet. Did you try the trace JFG's Emu41 offers?



V41 has a "Console" that allows you to see the MCODE steps as they're being run. It hangs in the same instruction, and there's nothing I can do to get it passed - looks like a real problem with this ROM image.


Up to now I regarded Emu41 from JF Garnier as reference eumulating the Nut CPU. Tonite I'll have a look if I can compare the trace output of V41 and Emu41 (and NutEm if neccesary). BTW, if you assume a problem with the ROM image, did you CHKSM it?



Just a short excerpt of the trace log, first from my NutEm:

27FB: 1E0 GOTOC          
EFA2: 070 N=C
EFA3: 130 LDI
EFA4: 030 CON 48
EFA5: 106 A=C X
EFA6: 024 PERTCT 1
EFA8: 003 ?XF 1

And here from V41 (I left out all but the first output of CPU registers):

  A=000000000F0408 B=F00018AC029000 C=000018ADFF832B Stack=00F0 0000 0000 0000
M=00000080000000 N=000018ACFF8070 Cr=0 >P=6 Q=D G=07 F0=00 ST=001010 00000000
CLK_A=00000000000000 ALM_A=00000000000000 SCR_A=00000000000000
CLK_B=00000000000000 ALM_B=09999999999000 SCR_B=00000000000000
INT_A=00000 INT_B=00000 TMR_S=0040 ACC_F=0000 Timer=B FI=00000000000000
RAM Addr=00E Perph Addr=00 Base=16
DFA2 070 N=C
DFA3 130030 LDI 030
DFA5 106 A=C X
DFA6 024 SELPF 0
DFA7 03A B=0 M
DFA8 003 GONC +0 DFA8
DFA8 003 GONC +0 DFA8
DFA8 003 GONC +0 DFA8

And there it loops. Reminds me the test of a multitasking system, it was tanked by such a GO +0 instruction.

Hope this helps.

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