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i have a problem with my HP48GX,i broke LCD,i dont know how,so i try to find HP servis in slovenia and i didnt find it.Id like to know if it is posible to fix that LCD in my HP and how much it will cost.I cant get that part in slovenia so if someone know link where can i find that part please help!!!!!


Try this company they are located in Milano. They maybe able to help out.

Good Luck



Sinisa, the part number is 48GX - ie a new calculator. The 48GX CANNOT be dismantled without damaging the calculator (amount of damage depends on how you do it). If you get it open, you would need to fit a display from another 48 series calculator that has also been dismantled since I believe the display has never been available as a spare part. Note that the display is mated to the main pcb via a rubber zebra strip which is compressed between the pcb and display. It is extremely difficult to get it all back together so that it works reliably. Hope this helps.

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