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I am looking for a little bit of help for a small HP41 experiment from someone on the forum who is a bit experienced with web programming (java?).

As you may know I have been working on the MLDL2000 for some time, and late last year I became aware of a design challenge (see here). I wanted to add an external SD controller module to the new MLDL2000, instead I have decided to use the MBED module for that purpose. I have been working hard to get a breadboard prototype up and running, and it now works quite well. The HP41 can now access files on an SD card and a USB stick, and I can load and save ROM images and user code programs (.RAW files).

One of the last items remaining to be implemented is networking functionality. I have done some tests with the MBED module on a network, and I can easily download a file (of course that will be a ROM image or focal program in .RAW format soon). For demonstration of some of the other networking capabilities I kindly ask some help.

I can program a bit in C/C++, Delphi, VHDL, Focal and mcode, but I have never done anything with web-based applications. I therefore would like to get in touch with someone who can create a web-based application to send and receive data to my network enabled HP41. For example to display on a webpage an HP41 display that I can send data to, and a few buttons or sliders that I can read data from.

The MBED libraries support an HTTP client and server (see here) and many other features. I have successfully used the HTTP Client to stream the contents of a ROM image to the MBED module but I want to demonstrate something else as well.

Honestly, I have no idea even where to start with building a web application or script for these. The Twitter example on the MBED website is nice, but I want something new for this.

Please contact me by email if you have a bit of time to help me here or want some more info.

See here for a picture of my breadboard setup




I am not sure I follow, but maybe you could try something simpler?

There are many tcp/udp services that may already be running on a computer. Though these days many may be default off for security reasons.

Default tcp ports (see /etc/services) contains some stuff that might be helpful, like echo (port 7) and daytime (port 13). Daytime will send current time (see RFC 867), it could be used for an RPN program to set the time of the time module?

Sending a mail using smtp may also be an idea.


Meindert, I'm an experienced Java programmer who has already implemented some web code. If I can be of any help, I would be glad to support you (even if my MLDL sits in a drawer for some time now.) Spare time isn't a problem right now.


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