6S code name????


I was wondering if the new 6S/6S-solar have code names? I've been told they have "batch" numbers instead of serial numbers. Are there any other HP's that have only batch numbers? I really wanted to check them out so I ordered a couple from Handi calc ($12,$14 solar). We'll see if they are real HP's.


I got one of each, and I was disappointed. They're not like the Pioneers we've all come to love. These are entirely different animals -- and algebraic to boot! They have a disposible feel. HP better get serious and come up with a new RPN calc.


Better get used to it! Size & price will make or break this line. The days of making profits from high priced (albeit with new technologies)calcs are over... Hopefully HP will market a few new models in similar size & forms as the 6's but with RPN and some programming or solving features. A usable calc needs to be small in size and low enough in price to achieve large volume sales. Maybe they will write code for math analysis or higher level computations for the Win CE platform machines.


I am not certain I agree. Texas Instruments maintains a very large (largest?) share of the calculator market. The TI-92 does not seem to be too popular (~$200), but the TI-81 through -86 series is very popular, and the varying models retail in the $60-$120 range. TI's calculator division is profitable. As all of us can see who read the want ad's, the forum, and look on e-bay, there is a very significant market for scientific calculators in the $100 range, (e.g. HP-42S). It looks like money can still be made in this price range. I have not seen any sales numbers for the HP-48 series, but they appear to be popular as well, and most of those sold for between $100 and $200. I think any predictions of the demise of this market are very much premature. I actually don't know how HP can make any money on the -6S series! Here is my observation. TI is whomping HP in the high school educational market, a very large market. HP has introduced the -6S specifically for the middle school market, in an attempt to grab users at the time that scientific calculators are first needed. The hope is that brand loyalty will keep these kids into HP's when they need something more powerful (and profitable), like the -38 and -48 series. If you look at HP's offering before the -6S, there was nothing for middle school students. This, by the way, is why Algebraic is in for this model. Sixth graders would really be turned off by RPN, IMHO.


OK Ok, I'd love to see it, but I also would like a small pocketable calc (even Pioneer series is too big) which can have 41 or 42S type of programming (alpha labels, text, etc. not keycodes like Voyagers)... The TI calcs are aimed at schools & education market used a few years & then not used again (relies on new students all the time, not repeat business)... I agree with your assessment of HP's aim at middle school kids to get their name into the market, then logically over the next few years as these kids get older HP will supply a line of calcs similar to the TI line and compete with it. All algebraic of course...

Question is will HP attempt to develop a high end computational platform to follow up on the HP-48 series..

It would have to work with and complement a desktop system, where most serious computation occurs in industry. Schools and students benefit from the current TI & new HP marketing, but there should be a platform for the aging HP-48 programming crowd (NOT in the bulky 48 case though...)


Try TI-34 (see http://www.ti.com/calc/docs/34.htm). The HP-6S is functionally identical to the TI-34. Even the transcendental functions produce identical results. HP (or somebody) did relabel a few of the keys (e.g. 2nd became INV) and move them around some. For once, I have to say the TI is better made than the HP product (even internally where nobody is supposed to look; the TI-34 has a fiberglass circuit board).


The code name is "Victim"

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