Microsoft Mathematics is now free.


I've never used it (I'm a Mac :-), but the screen shots look nice.

Product Info:

Download link:


Hmmmh, it says "From basic math to precalculus" ... so those of us having kids in that age may be interested.


Egan, the download site states:

The links in this section correspond to separate files available in this download. Download the files most appropriate for you.
Nowhere could I find any instruction as to which file is "appropriate" for me. But I am sure most anyone else on here would know immediately.

I use Windows 7 32 bit. Does that mean I use the x86 and not x64 version?

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Yes, x86.


Free is too high a price for anything from that company, IMHO.


I agree, free is about right. After first downloading the .net sp1 upgrade I downloaded the math app and was finally able to run it. It's ok. Does M$ still develop software or did they buy this from someone?



Well, I am not convinced as Lotus 123 survived in Excel. But where is a successor of Lotus Agenda?

Microsoft Mathematics is not what I will reach for when I need a sophisticated graphing calculator. That is, I know so many quick emulators of real calculators whit all math I can imagine and almost sufficient graphics. So my point of view is somewhat personal.



Actually, it is pretty capable. You can use complex matrices, input complex numbers for the functions (hyperbolics too, lacks inverses of these though who needs that). Some symbolics, integrals and derivatives, and the graphs look nice. For free it's a corker and makes unnecessary to purchase a graphic calculator. I wouldn't overlook it, I think it's great for school, and maybe a little more too. I wish it had some programmability... Good for you Microsoft! (never thought I would say that).

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