Kip Hopkins?


Are you the Kip Hopkins that used to ski up & down all the peaks around Carson, Luther, Monitor and Echo Passes?


Yes, that was before the ankle issue. Heidi's brother. Always brought the steel square book along and now am more modern with calculator developments and some difficulties. I'm sure the batteries would've frozen in the tent, anyway. Thanks, Kip


KIP! Ain't seen you for pushin 25 years. We did a ski out above where your sister lived last i seen you. Last time i saw Heidi she & i did the little 4th class summit pinnacle on Jeff Davis. Ran into Dave at a Dead show about 20 years ago in Berkeley and last time i saw Bill we skied the elephant bowl about 10 years ago. I fell off the world.
We'll have to get together some time. I'll use this forum's system to send you my email. One thing i remember about you is that you do everything you do 100% - so we have to get you using RPN on that 35s.

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