Re: HP-67 advice needed


Thanks Randy,

I have printed out everything, and I'll do some more tests

I'll keep posted the results here

again, thank you very much, Alberto


You may consider re-drawing the board and getting it made. You went to the trouble of removing all the components. You can even get it gold-plated like in the old days :)


It's not a bad idea, actually I'm in touch with someone for making
a replica of an HP65 card reader pcb, but it's more
complicated that we can imagine.

Not because of the complexity of the layout, but because of the thickness
which is a not a common format nowadays.

The price is about 45 € for the master, and 10/15 € each unit produced.
Price could slightly increase for the master since the shape is not a regular rectangle.
Should this work (the guy is based in Sicily and I live in Milano, so logistic is slow and complex) it could be worth doing this for an HP67 logic PCB.

Thanks for suggestion, take care Alberto



The people at (I'm not affiliated with them) make also 0.5 mm pcbs and 0.8 mm too. The prices are very similar.

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