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If you go to: http://partsurfer.hp.com/cgi-bin/spi/main and search for "calculator" you'll find some partnumbers for miscellaneous HP calculators, mostly manuals.
Well - what I really stumbled over, is an "HP-42S PCA-Other" -item called


I asked my HP printer spareparts supplier for the price, just to have an idea of what this could be, and he answered me, that the price is about US$100,- and he would need 5-8 working days to get it for me...

Anyone out there knows what the heck this is? Can this be an HP-42S test model?



it seems SVCE refers to SerViCE. Maybe this is the reference for a replacement, when you send an HP42S to be repaired. I don't know for sure, but this subject has already been discussed here, and I believe HP no longer replaces the 42S for new ones.

Is it available now?

Dave, do you have any info for us?



Well, I just ordered two of whatever they are (I assume that they are the remaining service replacements) @ $96.00 ea. They had 40, now 38, in stock. I ordered over the phone @ 1-800-227-8164, but I also went to partsdirect.hp.com and was able to add them to my cart. Let's hope they are in fact the fabled 42S.



Sorry to say this, but I don't think you're going to get calculators... I just called them, and I asked what this was, and the lady told me that it was a service manual. I asked why it wasn't in the documentation section. She said that she didn't know, but that it _was_ a manual. I continued to press, and asked her if she had more information on her machine that indicated that it was, in fact, a manual; she said yes.

So, for what it's worth, it is _probably_ a service manual, not a service calculator replacement. It _would_ be interesting to know what, exactly, would be in the service manual. It's not like they can repair the calculator, right? So what would be in the service manual? Just a method of obtaining error codes for feedback to the factory or engineers?... I'm curious!

So, whatever it is, please let me know! If it _is_ a manual, I'd sure like to know what's in it! If it's interesting, I might be willing to buy one of your copies---if you don't want two!

Good luck,



Thanks Bruce ! You just saved me 98 bucks !


hello, does anyone know the part# for the 220 volt charger/supply for the HP-97 and or where I can get one?.


According to the HP97 service manual on the MOHPC CD-ROMs, there are four different 230V adapters: 82031A for Europe (two round pins), 82032A for UK (three big rectangular pins), 82032A Opt. 001 for UK with RSA plug (three round pins), 82039A for Australia (two flat pins at an angle [ / \ ].

There is also a 115V adapter for Europe, 82043A which looks like the same plug as the 230V Europe version.

For USA 115V, the manual says 82040A. I have been using (in the USA) an 82059D with my HP97, this is the "general purpose" one that is used with most HPIL devices, HP71B, HP75C/D etc. The output is rated 8VAC 3W.

The Museum section on "Battery Packs & Chargers" in the "Collector's Corner" says 82040A or 82059A/B/C/D are correct for the HP97 on 115V, and says "(82066B 240 VAC only)".


I think I have a spare one.

But if you're located in Europe, as most of the items come from the US? I recommend you to buy in any DIY shop a 220-110 V convertor. This has helped me a lot. Quite cheaper than any European adapter and much easier to find.



Thanks for the info, I knew there was some risk, but I figured that they could always be returned. In the HP part surfer, manuals for consumer distribution are under the heading "documentation", don't you think that a service manual would be under that heading as well, much less a service manual for an item that can't be serviced? Does anyone have an idea what "PCA" might signify? Certainly, if it is printed material, I'll keep one and donate it to the museum.

Interestingly, if you query "calc", a few spice models and a 9830a come up. Unfortunately, no parts listed for the spices, but you can get a fan for your 9830a.


'PCA' normally means 'Printed Circuit Assembly' and is a circuit board with the components soldered to it. It's what field-servoids replace at random to make the fault go away rather than actually bothering to trace the fault properly (but that's a different rant)
Now, AFAIK, the HP42S was never classed as 'repairable' so the internal PCB is not going to be available as a spare part. The thing you's swap to get a 42S running again would be the entire machine.
Are you sure this is not one of those 'service-replacement' HP42 machines that have been discussed here in the past? Certainly sounds like it...


Not to belabor HP's part nomenclature, but it was in the "PCA-Other" category. For a fleeting second, I though maybe I would receive a circuit assembly, but upon further thought, it seemed unlikely.

I think the only reason I hold any hope is that the full item description is: "CALC, SVCE -42S HP INTERNAL USE ONLY", and it seems that HP uses or has used "CALC" as an item description for calculators themselves. Thankfully, HP uses FedEx, so I won't have to wait long. We'll see.


PCA - Printed Circuit Assembly? It may be the printed circuit board with the components, but without housing.



The last time I got a HP42S service replacement I paid $67 or therabouts. Could this be for another HP product??


The part number for my service replacement is 42S-OBO, whatever that means. These are probably really some type of manual as Micheal has said in the previous posting.


I ordered one of these six months ago thinking I was going to receive the service manual (pretty steep price for a service manual ;) but when I opened up the box it was brand new 42S! :D Maybe I should have shared this little secret but that might have created a buying storm causing HP to pull it off their price list. Well, ok, I'm just that selfish. ;)



P.S. If anyone has the service manual or any other "internals document" for this calc I would be much obliged if I could get a scanned copy. (as would many other people on this board I'm sure)


Remove the random permutation of "NOSPAM" from my e-mail
address before replying.


Well, I also tried my chance and incidently ordered the application manual. At least it will be new and cheaper than on ebay.

But look at the status of my order :

Part Number 00042-90020
Description 00042-90020
Quantity Ordered 1
Estimated Ship Date 05/27/2002
Part List Price (ea) $38.51
Part Discount 0.00%
Part Net Price (ea) $38.51
Part Number 00042-60911
Description 00042-60911
Quantity Ordered 1
Estimated Ship Date
Part List Price (ea) $96.00
Part Discount 0.00%
Part Net Price (ea) $96.00

While there's an estimated ship date of the manual, the supposed calculator has none. In addition, it was quoted 'HP Internal use only'. Anyway I'll keep you informed !


Okay - I'm waiting with excitement. When I started this thread, I was almost certain that this was "just" a Service Manual kit of some kind.

Now it really looks as if there will be some kinda' electronic gear in it too. However having two excellent working HP-42S in my collection (and a couple more to come soon), I will probably not place any orders, but I hope for other 42S-hungry fans, that this will be the way for them, to get one. I really look forward to read about it :P




What about Brazil?


I just recevied two brand new 42s calculators with slip cases, no less, in two business days. Get them while you can


Is it possible to order stuff from HP this way if you live outside USA? I live in Sweden...


For Europe HP on their site partsufer.hp.com suggest to addres to a local dealer. I dunno how it is for Brazil, just give a try.

Actually a fellow collector (Tom) agreed to be my US mailbox and ships me back the items. It costs me a supplemental inner US fee (in the case of HP it's free), but this has definitely solved many problems ! Thanks Tom !


I just did the whole business of signing up and buying only to find that the US HP site says my European Visa number is invalid. The site also now says "In Stock: NO" and it may take a long time to arrive for the 00042-60911. Oh, well...I hope it works for genuine stateside people. Richard


I had no problem with my european visa number and there was no "no stock" messgae; Though presently there is no shipping date for my PO but well for the manual I ordered in the same PO...


Yes - I live in Denmark and my distributor have no problems getting it to me.

You can e-mail me, and I will respond you the e-mail adress to the danish distrubutor, who can either sell directly or redirect you to a retailer.




Thanks for the info -- I just ordered two, too! It all looks legit -- and the last time I tried something "HP-only" (a sale price on a 48G+) it worked fine, so I'm feeling pretty confident.

*THANKS* again!


I ordered two, but the ordering system said there were none in stock. I'm not sure I'll be getting any... we may see who ordered a bunch to sell on EBay soon.


A couple of years ago, I order two copies of the Programming Examples and Techniques book (00042-90020). The copies I received are the standard HP comb-bound reprints (photocopies or laser-printed scanned images with generic covers) of the original editions. They are a wealth of good info for those new to progamming the 42S (and even experienced 41/42S afficionados will probably find a golden nugget or three), but they probably have limited value as collector's items (for those to whom such things matter).


Also, that manual is on the Museum CD-ROMs.


True enough. But for those of us who prefer printed manuals, the HP offering has the advantages of being a marginally cleaner reproduction, avoiding the hassle of printing the PDF (two-up odd pages, flip stack, two-up even pages), and is pre-bound (after a fashion). Of course, if these things aren't valuable to one, <shameless-plug>then the MoHPC CD-ROM set provides a better bang-for-buck value at US$35 than the printed version (US$38.51).</shameless-plug>



I'm really curious now what other treasures are available at hpdirect.com . Interesting!


I wonder if the timing is purely coincidental . . .


i doubt it's a hoax. i just hope it's not a service book. well, i bit and placed an order for one. no need to be greedy and besides; i didn't like my first one all that well. i'm spoiled by the 41. it took the order so i'll see in a week or so....


Hi John (K)
It's not a hoax. It's extra stock that was left over after HP stopped servicing the HP42S in Aug 2000. Most likely it was probably left in some corner and recently found. The part number matches the number on the HP42S service replacements box that I sell. So it's the real thing.


So, if I understand well, you sell the 42S "service units"? If so, would you be interested to sell me one? I would be more than happy to have a back-up machine for my old 42S, but it's rather difficult to get one here in Luxembourg!



Moien !


It seems you are living close to Luxembourg and/or working there :-)



Well, I lived 3 years in Lux. when I was a child and I worked there for 6 months part time in a well known luxury brand which has a store over there (rue Philippe II, bags, you see what I mean ?)

Besides my father is from Messancy and I sepnt some holdays in the area where people still speak Luxemburgish though they are belgian !

Eddi !


Rats. Out of stock. Have any others who got the "out of stock" message heard from HP? I got a message saying it could take a few weeks, but I have a sinking feeling the 42s'es are gone for good. So if anyone who's ordered multiples finds they're just taking up too much space and you need to get rid of one, I think I can help you out! :-)



I ordered one of these yesterday afternoon, and the claim I got while placing the order (all done on-line - no human intervention) was that this _was_ in stock.

Claimed delivery (for free!) was 2 to 4 days. (They offered an overnight option for $35 - I was tempted: just to see if this was for real!).

The means tomorrow or Friday I might have results. Will let everybody know.


If you check now the status of the reference 00042-60911 , it says "part not orderable (https://partsdirect.hp.com/ShopForParts.ASP?WCI=ShopForParts&WCE=PartLookup&WCU).

But it seems my calc has been shipped by fedex (at their cost !) as it has not been shipped the same date my applicaiton book was.

Damned ! I wish I had ordered 3 of these !

Now the question is : is this old stock they wanted to get rid of or just a temp who put a wrong flag on the item master record ?

If there are such "old" stock parts or items, is there a way to convince HP to sell it to us ?


The stock is really exhausted. It was only about 40 units to start with. After Aug. 2000 HP wasn't obligated to service the 42S. So what would they have done with the extra stock they remained with. Well I guess we know now. I guess we must all thank Johnny for putting this posting in the first place. He could have bought all for himself and resell them on ebay, but that was really unselfish of him to let us know.
Well I would really be interested in seeing the serial numbers on these babies when I receive them. I had gotten a service replacement in 2000, from the US made in early 2000. I wonder if it's from the same batch?


Yes, Thanks Johnny !

And who will have the last S/N ? Remember my S/N database project !


Ooops! You're welcome... Oh - I guess that I'm not so popular now among people using the HP-42S as investing objects.
Sorry to them, but on the other hand, mabye a few Ebay Shieks have got some condesiterate faces by now...

Oh well - It's just calculators ;-) and now it's weekend, so what the heck....




My two just arrived via UPS. (Ordered on the 29th, here the 31st -- not too shabby!)

S/N's: ID13400057 and ID13400141. (Not sequential, which would have been a minor plus.)

After reading confirmation that they were, indeed, HP-42s calculators (and not manuals or something else), I confess I ordered two more, late afternoon on the 29th. That order is still listed as "OPEN", while the first order is marked "COMP" ("complete", I assume). I've a sneaky suspicion that my greed will not be rewarded . . . (But, hey -- I didn't try to order TEN, as I was tempted to!)

I suppose I'll be one of those evil sellers trying to double my money on one so I can cover the other. (Limited discretionary resources, and no hobby support from my wife!)

First, however, I need to decide which to open up . . .


Ooops! In the interest of accuracy, let me state that I ordered early (and again later) on Tuesday, the 28th, not on the 29th as indicated above.

(In case anyone cares.)

141? I wonder how many of these actually got ordered in the past week.

anyone sorted out a running total?

Christof- (who would have bought two if he could have afforded it at the time and is cursing his slow check clearing. Too late now.)

I don't know about the last one, but the one I got has S/N ID13400001... :^)

one of mine was: ID027xxxxx. The other was ordered for a friend; also a ID027xxxxx Both 2000 builds!

Well, I ordered one of these babies and got it a couple of days ago. I was surprised by the serial number I got: ID13400018 which, if I'm not mistaken, puts its manufacturing date somewhere in the 34th week of last year, huh?

Isn't it a pity to know HP was still able to assemble these units as recently as August last year?

Iqbal says
"...He could have bought all for himself and resell them on ebay, but that was really unselfish of him to let us know. Well I would really be interested in seeing the serial numbers on these babies when I receive them."....

So how many did you order for personal use, and how many to on-sell ?

I ordered one last night. I want to have a RPN calc for years to come if HP is going to stop making them. That is why I got a 32SII. I can not and will not use a AOS calc.

I am going to watch my CC and see if it is charged over the next few days.

I can't believe there are only 40 units left out of the replacement units. Maybe the web page just isn't being updated.

I went through the order process and it took all my info and checked me out at the end. Order complete.

Wouldn't you think they would take the page down if there really wasn't anymore units left???

Could this be a HP test to see if there is a real interest still in this type of calculator?


The 42S is discontinued for a long time now. I think something like 5 years. They serviced it until August 2000. At that your last chance to get a brand new one was to change it with a defective one and 50 bucks.

So evrybody was astonished to see that it could be ordered - I suspect a bad input in their article master records.

Even though I got the "will take several weeks" message when I ordered yesterday, I notice that my credit card was billed this morning. Don't know if that's good news or not though! (My order status is still "open".)


Part is not orderable. Those who acted in haste are the lucky ones I guess.

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