HP35 for $9K?


Anybody interested in this item: ebay item 280610917257


Starting bid $9000. Yes, $9K! With dead battery.

And just to add insult: $150 shipping.


There is already a thread below discussing this auction.


Indeed ... look at previous thread please.



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Shipping to Australia is only $106!!! Interesting that overseas shipping is cheaper when he's based in the states. I wonder when the bidding frenzy will start?! Keith


When or where? I say in a parallel universe!


A universe where only a select few HP-35's are chosen as gods.


Mine came from Tasmania five or six years ago, close serial number. It cost me about 160 AUD, air shipping from the other side of the world included. It's a similar set, except that the latch in the travel case is missing (and the battery pack now does hold a charge). Investmentwise, beyond my wildest expectations :-)


Did you buy that from me Gerson? Tasmania is my home and I've sold a few 35's over the years. Cheers, Keith


Hello Keith,

I remember I was overbidden in another HP-35 auction. I contacted the seller and he said he was going to list another one the following week. I felt he was a trustworthy person and ended up buying it off-ebay. He sent me some nice high-resolution pictures, shot by a Cannon camera if I am not wrong, but I can't find them anymore. It arrived three weeks later to my address (Curitiba, Brazil) and surely over exceeded my expectations. Your first name sounds familiar, but I am not sure about the last one.



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