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has anyone heard of a book called something like "Programming Programmable Calculators"? It was in my local library (UK) about 15 years ago. It had sections on programming the HP55, HP65 and HP67. I think it had a section on the Commodore and Nova programmables also.

I realise this description is a bit vague, if anyone knows where I can get it, I would be interested.



A large libary database shows:

"Programming Programmable Calculators" (1978) by Harold S. Engelsohn, Hayden Book Co., Rochelle Park, N.J.

Supposedly available in paperback, used, from an Amazon affiliate for $9.50 .


Sounds like the book by Henry Mullish

Programmable Pocket Calculators.
by Henry Mullish And Stephen Kochan.
Hayden Book Company new Jersey 1980 0-8104-5175-1
Programmable pocket calculators examined in detail, their architecture, special features, and programming techniques. Calculators examined are: Novus Mathematician PR, Sinclair Scientific Programmable, HP-25, HP 25-C, HP-55, HP-65, HPD-67, HP-19C, HP-29C, H0-33E.



I'm almost positive that I have this book. Let me check at lunch (hopefully I'll remember!), and I'll let you know.



Thanks for the replies. It sounds like the Engelsohn book (from Paul), but I also recall the Mullish book (Erik), now it's been mentioned..

Both sound interesting anyway!


Hello all:

Well, of course I forgot to look at lunch time yesterday..and this morning! But I called home, and my wife was good enough to look at the book for me. It is:

Programming Programmable Calculators

by Harold S. Engelsohn


The chapters are (approximately):

(1) Introduction to computing

(2) Developing simple algorithms and programs

(3) Branches, loops, and decisions

(4) T-register and special functions (SR-56, TI-57,58,59)

(5) Programming flags and "if" decisions (SR-52)

(6) Subroutines and advanced programming

(7) Indirect addressing (SR-52, TI-58/59)

The back cover states that the book covers the SR-55, the SR-56, the "brand-new" TI-57, the TI-58/59, the Commodore PR100, and the APF Programmable Model. It also mentions that it touches on the TI PC-100 and PC-100A printers.

As I remember it, the book was _very_ basic, and was just a hand-holding alternative to reading the manual! ;-) I don't think it mentioned any HP calculators at all. Probably a book only useful as memorabilia or a collection of old programmable-calc books.

Hope that helps.



I have it on the shelf, bought this one to go with my other Pocket Calculator Mullish book I got in about 1976.


Since the other found is not Mullish I will post exact details on this one I have when I get home. Bruce's wife is a good woman, mine would think I was nuts to call on this ;+}


Bruce's wife is a good woman, mine would think I was nuts to call on this ;+}

Yes...she is! :-)



OK< the one I have is by Mullish and Kochan, covers 25, 25c, 55, 65, 67, 19c, 29c, 33e and Novus and sinclair models. 1980 published by Hayden in a paperback, 254 pages in small font with some calc pics and dwgs.


Yes, the Mullish book is definitely the one I had in mind. Thanks again folks, for the memory-joggers!

It seems, unfortunately, that this book is almost impossible to get in the UK now (i.e. in out-of-print bookshops etc.)


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