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Hi all!, please have our best wishes for the new year!!

I will be in the south of Spain and in Berlin during the second part of January. If someone would like to suggest places to visit, give any advise, and/or just be in contact, please email me to:

a . rodriguez AT ieee . org

(of course, remove spaces and replace the "at" symbol)

Thanks in advance!!

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I can only speak for Berlin: It's impossible to visit even a tiny bit of the most interesting sites, unless you have a couple of weeks to spend. January is not really a great time to vistit Berlin, I'd rather suggest May or June.
What I found quite nice is a public bus, doing a city roundtrip. Not as good as a guided tour (if you have very limited time, that would be your best option), but you can exit the bus if you like, do your visit, take the next bus to continue your tour. I'd suggest to buy a good city guide way before your visit and pick the interesting sites. A couple of places are worth a visit: Brandenburger Tor, e.g. Other sites are "overhyped", like Checkpoint Charlie - seemed like a tourist ripoff to me :)
Unfortunately, Berlin is *huge*, so going from one site to another takes it's time. Btw. if you are staying for a couple of days, you really should be using bus/subway. It's usually much faster than going by car.


If you can't get enough from calculators (and/or the weather is pretty bad), you might want to visit the German technical museum in Berlin



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Hello Andrés:
Please contact with me for info about Spain: ira AT claro . es.


For Berlin: May be freezing cold there. So besides enjoying public bus line 100 for a sightseeing tour (good value for little money) it depends on your interests: in addition to what previous posters mentioned there are some famous museums concentrated on the so-called "Museumsinsel" (Isla de Museos) where you can easily spend a day or more.

For Southern Spain: If you happen to touch down in Andalusia, don't miss Granada and Cordoba - worth a journey!

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Yes, I know January is not the best month for a Berlin trip, but our holidays must be in January (it's summer here, and the university where I teach works from February to December almost non-stop). So there are no options.

I'll take all suggestions into account. Thank you again.


For Southern Spain: If you happen to touch down in Andalusia, don't miss Granada and Cordoba - worth a journey!

I second that. The Alhambra at Granada is worth a visit to Spain all by itself; winter is not ideal because the gardens probably won't look like much, but the architecture is gorgeous all year round. :-)

Also visit Sevilla if you have a chance.


Excuse, I will write this post in Spanish.
Hola Andrés:
Si tu intención es visitar el sur de España, básicamente Andalucia.
Tienes que visitar Sevilla, Cordoba y Granada si puedes.
En Sevilla puedes ver todo el casco antiguo, barrio de Triana, La Giralda, la Torre del oro y disfrutar de sus bares y restaurantes. Esto último lo puedes hacer en cualquier lugar de España.
En Cordoba tienes que visitar, además de la ciudad, la mezquita y la ciudadela.
En Granada, además de la ciudad en sí, no te puedes ir sin ver la Alambra. Solo por esta visita merece la pena el viaje. Habla con tu agencia de viajes y consulta el tema de las entradas para la Alambra, suelen estar muy solicitadas.
En Granada también tienes una estación de esqui, Sierra Nevada, que es de las mejores de España.
Recuerda que aquí estamos en invierno y aunque el sur es menos frio, tienes que venir preparado.
Y recordarte que en Andalucia hay muy buen pescado y marisco.
Si necesitas algo, no dudes en ponerte en contacto conmigo.


Definitely visit the Alhambra in Granada; the most amazing construction ever made (imho)

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