HP 27s - How to set # decimal places displayed?


I've lost my manual a long time ago, and today when I turned my HP 27s on it made a funny beep (the tone modulated downward) and displayed Memory Lost. Now it shows four zeros after the decimal point, and I want to reset it to two zeros after the decimal point--does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks in advance!


Yay, I get to help! (we are just such a helpful bunch here)

shift-MODES (key 3)
The menu brings up "Select Display Format"
when you press the appropriate softkey you are prompted for the decimal places.

remember that when in menus, you back out with EXIT not CLR.

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That did it, thanks!


Maybe someone (else) could also point you in the direction of a PDF copy of the HP 27 user manual since I'm not having any luck finding one for you.


The museum DVD is the place to go.

I have an actual manual of course...

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