How to identify 12C 25th Anniversary Edition


I have a an HP 12C Platinum which I am trying to confirm the type. I was told that it is the Anniversary Edition but HP tech support states that all anniversary editions have the marking on the front and back for it where this unit only has the "Platinum" mark on the left of the display. Not sure if serial is any help but it is CNA00204899 which is on a sticker on the back of the unit. There is also what appears to be a model number next to the HP logo in the back as RMN HSTNJ-KN11 right above Made in China. It uses 2 x CR2032 3V coin size batteries.
So, my question, is this just the plain Platinum model or is it the 25th Anniversary Edition. Thanks.


The Anniversray edition says "Anniversary Edition" on the front and on the back, uses one single coin cell, and has a black keyboard overlay. It was made from 2006 on.



AFIK there are several editions of the 12C /12C platinum in order of creation:

Major Versions of standard 12c
1) Original 3-cell design 1981*-2001?
2) 1 cell design similar to first 12c Platinum 2001-2009
3) 2 cell "12c+" design 2009/2010 and later

Major Versions of Platinum Calculator
4) "12C Platinum Financial Calculator" with Silver background/1 cell 2003*-2008?
5) "HP 12C Platinum 25th anniversary" - Black background/1 cell) 2006*
6) "HP 12c Platinum Financial Calculator"- black background/2 cell- 2009-2010 and later

Other 12c Versions:
7) "HP 12c Prestige" - Brazil only (1 Cell) 2003*

*Source- HHC 2007 Calendar

I've owned all except (7), by far I prefer the 2-cell models because of the faster speed and better quality. In contrast, the 1-cell versions are slow and poorly made.

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