A little Christmas game


Hello dear friends,
This is a little game for the Christmas's week, if you aren't still gone to holyday.
To document my job regard the complete restoring of the HP calculators, in this case an HP-97, I have took a picture of all the calculator's component. This picture will be inserted in my future auctions on the AS.
But I have forgot something.
Can you find the lacking parts?

For Katie: detail of the first image.

Have you an happy Christmas and all you need for the new year.
Take care...


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The glue you are going to use to put the HP-97 together!!!


Hi Namir,

only elbow oil ;)


Power cord?


Hi Bruce,
no, The lacking part is an inner component.






Where are the sheets that are used to insulate the gold-plated key contacts from the buttons and the circuit board?


What about the slide out metal tab (the manual calls it a 'hasp') that is the attachment point for the optional security cable?


Katie, I concur - I don't see this part on Ignazio's pictures either.


Hi Katie, hello Walter,

perhaps it's not visible but I guarantee that it's present.
I will insert an image ASAP.



The 4 spacers are beneath the key contact sheet...


Hi Ignazio e Buon Natale!!
two springs n.21 of the printer, the pusher ones, maybe


Ciao Aurelio e Buon Natale anche a te!
Look carefully at the fourth image, at the right of the paper tear bar.

Take care.



Hi Ignazio, the springs in that picture are only two and , as from the exploded wiev of the manual (I've not a 97 in my collection so that I can't check it personally) there are two kind of spring (n.20 and n.21) 2+2 = 4 ; if I'm not wrong the spring , as I can see, are only 2 on your desktop, let me know, thanks.

PS: Ignazio, where are you from?

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Hi Aurelio,
I have understood now, but I haven't take apart the holder so you can't see the pusher springs. Try again.


P.S. I'm an HP collector and live in Iglesias (CI)... and I have a lot of HP-97.


Hello everybody

I would say the paper for testing the printerhead ehehehehe

Merry christmas everybody !!!!


Hello Alberto, ciao.
Sorry, you have to try again...
I'm a lucky man, the printer head is good...

Merry Christmas to everybody.



How about the 3 copper leaf springs that sit under the 3 slide switches to contact the PCB?


Hi Katie,
they are above the keyboard PCA, holded in position by the silicon grease. Look at the second image.
I have inserted a detail of the backbone at the bottom of my first post.

Try again, please.


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Ok, here's my last guess...

The copper sheet that forms the contacts for the switches inside the card reader. The nylon balls are in the picture but not the copper.


Excuse me Ignazio if I answer for you:

Katie, if you see carefully in the fourth picture, copper switches are shown..... now much better...Ignazio has cleared it, increasing the brightness and now the picture shows more detailes.........


Thanks Aurelio!


Shouldn't there be a little canister of magic smoke in there somewhere?


Good one Bruce. ;-)


The magic smoke is freed when I remounted and turned on the computer!



One of the paper-detect contacts seems to be missing...



Hi Joel,
no, sorry, they are both present.



Printer bushing 5040-9227 is missing from the left (driven) side of the lead screw.


Hi Randy,
it's very difficult to see in the third image but it's again inserted in the body of the printer (Housing, 5040-9201).

Try again, you will be more lucky ;)

Thanks for your welcome participation.



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Remove one bushing but not the other? That's not consistent.

So where are you hiding the two 22uf capacitors on the card reader pcb? C1 and C2 - the caps in series with the head windings. Are they under the Christmas Tree?


Hi Randy,

Game over!

You are right, the three caps (2*22uF + 1*6,8uF) are missing from the card reader PCB!

You are the winner... but you have won... only a Bravo!

Merry Christmas to everybody and many thanks for your participation and sympathy.


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Hi Randy,

Remove one bushing but not the other? That's not consistent.

Why you think no consistent leave the bushing in place?
Allow me to learn more...thanks.



Just my observation of the "game". Both bushings are removable but only one was removed and displayed. The second one was, IMO, not visible in the printer carriage.


Hi Randy,

I think you are right, I agree with you.
I overlooked that small detail. I apologize to everyone for their inaccuracy.

Take care.

Ignazio Cara


Hello Ignazio,
The only missing piece is a bottle of mirto on the table.

Merry xmas to you (all).

Giancarlo from Milan


Hello Giancarlo,
of course, you are right.
When you came in Sardegna with your mtb we can taste our nectar.

Ciao e augurissimi per un felicissimo Natale.

Merry xstmas to all our friends too.


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