HP-67 Emulator for the iPad???


Hi All,

Any developer out there working on or thinking of writing an HP-67 emulator for the iPad?? I recently got the emulator combo pack for the HP-35, 45, 80, and 55. I downloaded an upgrade last night that added some missing features and made the keys glow when you touch them.


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I recently got the emulator combo pack for the HP-35, 45, 80, and 55. I downloaded an upgrade last night that added some missing features and made the keys glow when you touch them.

What's it called?




I don't see it in the App store. Perhaps it is not available in the US or got yanked.


Try ClassicHPCalc!! When you install the app it shows VitageRPN as the title.

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Thanks. Found it. This is from the same developer that has the cheaper Voyagers. Based on the models offered, and that random numbers on the emulated 15C are the same as a real 15C, then I'll assume that this is yet another Nonpareil-based iPhone app using Eric's ROM dumps. So, until Eric gives us a 67, those basing their Apps on Nonpareil will have to wait. BTW, a 97 would be awesome on the iPad (see below).

$15 is a bit steep and they are not universal apps, just iPhone for now. No screen shots on iTunes does not inspire confidence.

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But this is actually an iPhone app. How does it look on the iPad? So far I'm not impressed with some of the appearances once they show up in the phone emulator on the iPad...



The upgraded version adds more features. The HP-55 linear regression does not work, for example. You can now program the HP-55. i have not thoroughly tested the emulator for all the four calculators.



Hello Namir!

How is it possible you already bought this (expensive!) application AND also downloaded and upgrade when the date of publishing mentionned in the AppStore (at least from France) is just... today (dec. 19th, 2010)?!
Just curious.
That being said, wouldn't it be that expensive (11,99€), nice app though. Thanks for sharing.

Kind regards.



Maybe it was under another name or they reset the release date? Anyway, I am not the only one who bought an early version (See post by Vladan).

As Vladan mentions, the emulators still need work, but it's nice to be heading that way!

So I still hope for HP-67, HP-25C, and HP29C emulators.


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I also bought it a few days ago when HP-55 programming was still broken. The unit conversions did not work in that version either.

Now programming works (as Namir noticed), but there are still some things broken or missing. The degF <-> degC conversion works for some values but not for others (for example, 50 ->C correctly gives 10 and 10 ->F correctly gives 50, but 0 ->C gives 82.22222222 which is wrong (and Nonpareil 55 on which this one is supposedly based gives a correct answer of -17.777778). The R<->P conversion is not yet in the iPhone emulator, even the key label only reads <->.

The previous version had SCI above the second and thr fourth key in the second row, and it did not work. Now that has been fixed and it works.

There is one annoying problem in the iPhone emulator though (and I hope the author fixes it) - the key target areas are small, likely just the key picture areas. This makes them easy to miss if the finger is not precisely centered over the key. There should not be any dead space between the keys, so that keys would register always. In this (and the previous) version, there are a lot of misses when typing.

The keyboard is also a bit slow, so typing fast enough will result in a lot of missed keystrokes. Needless to say, the Windows version of Nonpareil does not suffer from this problem. To be fair, the problem on the iPhone version might be due to small key target areas and might not exist in reality (I cannot reproduce it always).

The timer mode of the original HP-55 and its Nonpareil emulation is missing in the iPhone version too.

I haven't tested more features. Hopefully, they are just bugs in the implementation of the original Nonpareil code (the way program executes with the flashing display suggests it might be the case).


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I just bought the 19 DEC update. No operating problems at all, since it doesn't run :-(

Immediately crashes when I start it on my iPod Touch with 3.x OS. No links to any support site or feedback mechanisms other than posting a review, either. The developers website is just an ad page with no contact info. Hope he's checking in here. Looks like a nice app, but it clearly needs better testing.



Both my iPod Touch 2G and iPhone 3GS are running iOS 4.2.1. I haven't tested this app on iOS 3 since it came out long after I upgraded both of my devices to 4.x.

The app runs fine on both.

If you don't have a solid reason to stay with 3.x, I suggest that you upgrade the iPod Touch to 4.2.1. The performance issues of 4.0 to 4.1 are gone in 4.2.1.


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The performance issues of 4.0 to 4.1 are gone in 4.2.1.

Excellent! Thanks very much for that - it was precisely the reason I was holding back. I'll give the upgrade a shot and see what happens.


Update: Installed 4.2.1 and the emulator now works fine.

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