everything old is new again


I don't know if this Commodore remake is real, but if it is can an updated PR-100 with usb, flash, optional RPN, and a five line LED screen be far behind?


Looks very nice! I want one!


Looks real, and really nice :)


I am unimpressed. It's a PC in a funky case running a C64 emulator. It is neither a good PC or a good C64. You can get a real C64 cheaper.

There are some great recreations of 8-bit systems out there that use as-close-to-the-original parts as possible (e.g. http://www.brielcomputers.com/wordpress/?cat=4) or emulate in FPGA (http://www.c64upgra.de/c-one/). I find the FPGA-based solutions interesting because of the low power requirements vs. emulation in a PC.


You can get a real C64 cheaper.

...and you'll get your money's worth!

I got fed up with the Commodore 64 when my fourth one died. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of the C64, but the hardware was always a bit iffy, and the chips that were the most likely to die were also the ones that were the hardest to replace.

Once I had transferred all my C64 games to my PC, and had a decent C64 emulator to play them all on, I got rid of my C64 hardware, and never looked back. I still play C64 games every once in a while, using CCS64 on my PC and Power64 on my Mac. The only thing I do miss sometimes is my Competition Pro joystick.


My uncle was fond of machine language programming. He got on this obsession with increasing the machine's level of precision by doing some sort of clever business in machine or assembler or something (you can tell that I am not an expert at low level code). One day, he got that 64 really cooking--really. It wouldn't power down, got in some sort of loop that exceeded the duty cycle. It started to smoke and he unplugged it.

I can't remember whether he served it for breakfast or lunch.

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