OT: Is his a real Red Dot? Again :-)


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I agree ... maybe worth $75 to $120. Programming features are very primitive.


Well, I won't pay as much for this - but who else pays what I pay for a good HP ? Just a few - and I guess I know most of them ;)


I can only think that there are people out there who value those glowing green digits as much as I value my lowing red HP LEDs!!!


I could never imagine that a calculator that Sharp had the sale value.
I have one and I see no feature that makes it stand out from other calculators.

I have a PC-1201 in mint condition. It is a nice little device. I struggled with programming it because I didn't have a manual but I eventually figured it out. I paid three dollars for it back in 2005. Perhaps I should hold it and wait for even more appreciation.

The bid of $607 does seema little high but I don't have any real insight as to the rarity o the PC-1201 or how many collectors are interested. I do have a HP-41CV in very good condition with manual, carrying case and carton that I purchased in 1998 for two dollars. I also have a mint condition HP-41CX with manual, carrying case, and carton that I purchased in 1999 for five dollars. How does the appreciation of those devices compare with that of the PC-1201?

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