Is his a real Red Dot?


TAS Listing

To me it seems like it might be a counterfeit? But the bidders are running it up....


I am very curious why you think this is a counterfeit.


From what I can see, with a cursory visit to google "red dot HP 35" and my prototype 'brown' red-dot case (see images):

1.  red dot hole correctly placed inside and out plus
it appears to be the correct diameter.
2. serial number falls in the correct range ~< 4000
3. correct silk screened bezel

Also look at this old thread:

red dot talk from 2000

The upshot is, by looking at the inside back where the hole should line up with the frame work. I have seen a fake where the hole is WAY to big and not centred on the switch opening or on the reverse, inside the rigid molded supports.

Would be nice to see the label at the bottom end of the calculator. It should read only "HEWLETT PACKARD" without the 35 added. This is not always a perfect check either, as it was HP's policy to update the label if the original was faded or damaged with a new one in stock on a warranteed repair. They didn't care what was applied as long as it was correct to the calculator. Hence a number of HP 25's running around with HP 25C labels; HP 41 Cs with labels mixed with CV and CX. Got this from an HP repair centre employee.

Cheer, Geoff

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Would be nice to see the label at the bottom end of the calculator. It should read only "HEWLETT PACKARD" without the 35 added.

As far as I can read, it reads exactly this 8)

It's my opinion that this is a genuine Red_Dot: look at the manual cover, it's like the first version released with this calculator.

Take care



All signs point to "yes" :)


Hands up from me, too


One of the reasons I raised the question was that the description on the listing doesn't say Red Dot, only "..hole..". Strange that someone who apparently knows the value of the "hole" wouldn't know that the description that would get the most attention (and bidding) would be "red dot". Hmmm.


Hmmmh, I can't see anything red shining through said hole - so why should the seller claim a red dot where there's none to be seen? Do those dots wear off?


I think they are just stickered on the switch. So they might wear (Matthias might have mre infos) - might be dirt covered, too, since the calculator doesn't look that great. Btw. the V2s sometimes still have the red dot switch, but the red dot is left black. And of course there is no hole to notice this :)


I think the answer is the seller wasn't aware of the "red dot" moniker. It seems to me he got his description off of Nigel Tout's website, which emphasizes the hole rather than the dot. In fact Nigel calls it a "spot."

Does anyone know what the opening bid was? Perhaps the seller is surprised by how much he landed.

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You find it here easily. :-?

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