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Once again about this subject. I wanted to get such an emulator as HP offers for PC and other platforms. But the purchasing dept. try to urge me taking a real HP35S as they can not find a supplier that deliveres the emulator in Germany. Poor Germany.

IMHO this must not be true so it can't be true: who delivers the emulated HP35S as offered by HP to a legal entity located in Germany?



Hallo Mike,

erfüllst du denn die Bedingungen, die hierfür genannt werden? Wenn nein, vergiss es. Wenn ja: dann würde mich doch sehr wundern, wenn noch kein Lehrer- oder Dozentenkollege herausgefunden hätte, wie man an diese kostenlose Anwendung kommt d;-)

(Check for fulfilling the conditions stated. If true, your colleagues will know the source.)



Danke, das habe ich schon gesehen, nein es hilft in meinem Falle nicht.

Sorry, no way, I am not a teacher and I do not tell lies, even to HP.



Die PISA-Ergebnisse scheinen doch zu stimmen: mangelndes Textverständnis. Bitte lies meinen Beitrag nochmals und verrate mir, wo ich gesagt hätte, dass du dir einen Emulator erschwindeln solltest :(

Falls du Lehrer wärest, wüssten deine Kollegen garantiert, wie du da kostenlos (= wie von HP angeboten) ran kämst. Da du's aber anscheinend nicht bist, kommst du auch nicht kostenlos dran - ich übrigens auch nicht. - Falls du das aber alles schon gesehen hattest, warum hast du dann hier gefragt??

(Just some internal discussion about understanding of written text)

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Ciao.....Mike <VBG>


Exakt! d:D


Would anyone try to explain why HP chooses to sell the emulator to educators only? Why don't they want to make more money by selling it to virtually everyone who wants one?

Do they fear non-educators would make a torrent from it? Maybe so and they would lose some money. But by not selling at all they lose all the money. I frankly don't get it?!?!?


George, at least a couple of years ago some of the HP emulators were available to everyone, or at least everyone willing to spend about $20 or so. I bought the 12c emulator, and I think there was a 15c emulator as well, for sale by HP to anyone.



Last year I saw you could buy the 15C emulator (or simulator?) for the Ipod Touch/iphone for $30. Maybe you still can.


Pretty sure they would sell less hardware then ...


Do you want it free (for educators only) or willing to buy one? It can be purchased from here. In the drop down boxes choose your currency and language. This is where I purchased mine from and received a link to download the installation file.


I want my employer to buy an HP35S emulator from HP for me. Sorry, your link does not work for me, may be it's Alstom's fire wall.



The link works here a least ...


... may be it's Alstom's fire wall.

Possibly, as it is not HP's site, but RegNow / Digital River.

The following information from their website:

Phone ordering

For phone orders and order related questions, our Toll Free Number in the US is 1-877-353-7297.
Internationally you can reach us at 1-(952) 646-5331.

Phone ordering is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Hope this helps

The purchase page for some commercial HP emulators is http://h20331.www2.hp.com/hpsub/us/en/calculators/Calculator_Software.html.

There's also a Windows version of the 35S available.



Goes to same page as DeboT's link.


Hi Christoph!

Thank you, but as I was told from the purchasing dept. they need a contractor who deliveres to Germany.



am in new zealand, and just tried the link:

takes me to a page with several emulators, the hp35s one then goes off to an outfit called 'digital river inc' where credit card details can be entered. the price can be displayed in a number of currencies, including swiss francs, swedish kronas, pounds sterling and euros.

it seems you can buy this software from anywhere, without restriction. the ONLY problem you may face is if you want to specify an address for physical delivery of media. if you aren't buying the physical media option, you could even enter a false address in the country of your choice.

quite simply, it appears the HP sales folks supplied you with false information. just enter your (or your company's) credit details and download the emulator.

rob :-)

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