10B II Emulator needed!


I am looking for a PocketPC emulator, but a dektop will do as well. HP Support claims they don't have it, although several web sites point to a file called
This URL now takes you to the oficial 10BII home page, which has no emulators.

If anyone out there has the file, I would be extremely grateful if you would e-mail it to me. I already have the calculator, but I'm tired of carrying that and my Pocketpc at the same time! Thanks a lot in advance.



The HP 10Bii is cheap now, My local Wal-Mart had them for $18. Assuming you are interested in the actual calculator.


As the original poster mentioned, is there anywhere on the net where the emulator is posted? It appears that Raymond Hellstern mailed it to him, but where did it come from?

thanks, Jeff




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