82143A printer roller replacement


Has anyone replaced the paper advance rollers in the 82143A printer? Mine have flat spots and are generally not as sticky as they should be.
-J. P.


I have exchanged the original rollers with a couple of o-ring and made other modify to the plastic supports. You can see the final product of this kind of work in the following pictures:

Of course, you must take apart the printer head assembly but it's a worth time job.

I can send you a complete paper feed cam with my modify if you send me your damaged part. Let me know if you are interested.




Wow, nice work! I don't have a 82143A service manual in the DVD set. Is it easy to open up and disassemble? I have pretty good mechanical skills (repaired a gummy wheel on my card reader).

Thanks for your help and kind offer!


Hi James,
I have the service manual but it's not usefull for this kind of job; it show only a exploded view of the printer assembly. If you need this image, tomorrow morning I can send you the file. Let me know a mail address.




Errata corridge: the service manual describe substitution of the pinch-roller in the printer assembly, sorry.
Let me know your e-mail address and I will send you the pdf file (about 9 MB).



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