Jean-Michel Lecointre (and news about me...)


Hi all known (and unknown) folks;

for reasons not necessarily needed to be post here (amongst them a non-answered request for a 30-hour day...), I have been 'off-line' for these last months... Sorry! I have not been even able to read the threads (shame on me...). And some relate subjects of my interest.

Jean-Michel: Hi! I've received and answered all of your e-mails! Do you have another e-address we could try (the one I've been sending answers to is Since I got no error messages, I thought my answers were, at least, redirected to SPAM. I'm sorry if it... 'sounded like' I wasn't answering you.

Cheers. And sorry using this space this way...

Luiz (Brazil)



You have mail.
Kind regards.



Hi, Jean-Michel;

I have already read your e-mail (some half hour ago) and have signaled as you requested so you could check at your e-mail SPAM.


Luiz (Brazil)


Hi, Jean-Michel;

about both questions of yours: yes, sure, I'm surely interested in both actions, related the HP41 and the HP25 RAM. And it would be even better after the end-of-the-year hollydays. For us, teachers, this is actually an extra-activity period in time... And God knows I'm running out of it quickly.


Luiz (Brazil)


... a few minutes ago. Has it been 'delivered'?


Luiz (Brazil)


Muito bom dia, Luiz,

good to read you again :) BTW I've got some expansions and suggestions for your HPDotMatrix1 font - so if you got some spare time to look over it, please tell me. If not, I won't bother you with that.




Hallo, Walter; wie geht's?

Yes, please! Let me know what you have in mind...

As you may have noticed, the TTF files were mostly created in the mid 90's (it´s been long since...) At that time I used a very simple font manager that allowed me to fill all gaps, in fact it allowed me to insert characters were CorelDRAW! didn't. I actually created the fonts in Corel than I used this other software to rearrange some characters into prohibited positions (codes). I should master it back for I am not sure I still remember how to use it...

In time: I thought all characters at DotMatrix 1 were filled... are there any placeholders to be filled? I remember I wanted to add some characters, like the checkmark (kinda 'V', if you know what I mean) but I found no free code. Well, I'm talking about Windows 95/98/ME font coding, I remember seeing new placeholders in some fonts at Windows XP. Would that be the case? If so, I think I'll need another font manager...

Let me know, OK?


Luiz (Brazil)


Olá Luiz,

you've got mail.

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